Art review: the cinema really great!Paid massage chairs occupy ‘C’ space in cinema

2022-09-04 0 By

“Cinema massage chair is anti-human” “Watching a movie, this chair hurts so much that I want to stand up and fight it” “Starting is scary, can not stop in the middle, the key is uncomfortable”I don’t know when to start, many cinemas quietly replaced ordinary seats with shared massage chairs and specially placed them in “golden viewing seats”, which not only forced consumers to make second consumption, but also caused a lot of audience ridicule, “massage is not enjoyable but uncomfortable”.You can massage while watching a movie, which seems pretty moist.However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.Consumers appear to say that if the cinema massage seat is only used as ordinary seats, sitting is very hard, sitting will be very tired, but if you pay for massage, and like “beaten”, really “money to buy pain”.He “sat on tenterneedles” not to say, massage also from time to time creak sound, unavoidably affect the watching of the film, but also make other people’s eyes, embarrassed to “social death”.However, some cinemas have changed all the “golden seats” into massage seats, which are not clearly stated when buying tickets, leading to many audiences being “enjoyed” this “high match” hardware without their knowledge.This will inevitably lead to “bundled consumption” questioning, but also suspected of infringing consumers’ right to know and choice.Some disgruntled consumers approached the cinema, but the massage seats were fixed, so the cinema simply said “please sit aside”.Either “be massaged”, or “sit on a corner”, no wonder the audience frankly want to say “goodbye” with this kind of cinema.Cinemas’ desire to increase revenue is understandable, as some cinemas have been well received for offering seats only for couples.But innovation and revenue shouldn’t come at the expense of the audience’s experience.Many consumers ridicule massage chair “anti-human”, rush into the “golden movie seat” massage chair, is not “only its benefits, ignore its disadvantages”?Sharing massage chair is not everyone can use, there are often “heart disease, hypertension and other patients with caution” tips, which risk hidden dangers operators also need to consider.If the cinema does not put the audience’s viewing experience in the first place and do not pay attention to the audience’s feedback, the audience will also “vote with their feet”, believing that the “backfire” result is also the cinema does not want to see.On the one hand, the sustainable and healthy development of cinema industry is inseparable from the continuous emergence of excellent films in the film industry, attracting the public to enjoy the “spiritual and cultural feast” in cinema;On the other hand, cinemas need to constantly improve the level of hardware and software to better serve the audience.As IMAX screens and other hardware become more popular, the competition between theaters will become more about service quality. Who can provide better service and make audiences feel “worth it” will have a better chance of winning the competition.At the very least, cinemas should not make audiences feel uncomfortable or even uncomfortable.If they can’t do that, cinemas really need to rethink.The Spring Festival is approaching, and the box office of many New Year blockbusters is worth looking forward to.On this occasion, many audiences ridicule the massage seat is to stay, “bundled consumption” or not to do, cinema operators need to make a wise choice.