Winter Olympics games | challenge 4A failure Yuzuru Hanyu smile curtain call

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Yuzuru Hanyu, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, fell in the opening 4A jump in the men’s free skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics.He finished with 99.62 technical points, 90.44 content points and 2.00 additional points deducted to earn 188.06 free skate points and 283.21 short program points of 95.15.Although he finished first in the short program, he failed to win the triple crown because he fell far behind in the short program.4A requires athletes to complete 1440 degrees of rotation in 0.7 seconds, reaching the limit of the human body. It is the ultimate goal of figure skaters, but no one has successfully challenged it on the open court.”Every time I hit the ice with my body, it was like a death jump. I trained with the knowledge that I was going to get a concussion and die.”Yuzuru Hanyu once said during the practice of 4A.Earlier in the short program, he was temporarily ranked first in the United States Chen Wei 18.82 points, for Yuzuru Hanyu, the champion is no longer important, complete the “death jump” is his final performance goal.Yuzuru Hanyu’s freestyle music comes from the Japanese film Heaven and Earth.In the warm-up, Yuzuru Hanyu did the axel quadruple jump. In the competition, he got 4A on his first jump. Although he did almost full weeks, he failed to control the ice and fell.No regrets, Yuzuru Hanyu’s eyes lit up as he finished, and he wanted to leave his most elegant image on the ice.I would like to thank him for bringing artistic enjoyment to countless skating fans around the world, as well as his positive energy of hard work and self-challenge.No matter where she finishes, Hanyu will always be the king of figure skating fans.In such a high-quality idol, we can see his desire for victory, the pursuit of champions, love for sports, but also to inspire ordinary people to strive for their dreams.Chengdu Daily · Jin View news reporter Huang Yike map according to Xinhua News Agency editor Wang Jian proof song Hexiao