Unification is coming!The PLA J-20 took off in the middle of the night, and Lai Qingde called out: No more “Taiwan independence”

2022-09-03 0 By

An ace fighter pilot with an aviation brigade of the PLA Air Force (PLAAF) recently took to the skies for the first late-night training of the year with the country’s most important weapon, the J-20.According to pilots involved in the training, it is very difficult to train in night air combat, especially when there is no line of heaven and earth as a reference, how to keep the daytime driving state and how to complete the crew cooperation, which need to be improved through constant night training at ordinary times.It can be seen from the pilot’s introduction that our soldiers’ self-requirements are very high, and it is understood that the pilots in this training can be described as non-stop, always just completed a round of training, landing on the ground immediately launch a review study, and then without stopping to re-enter the cockpit, take off for a new round of attack and defense training.In order to improve the ability of night combat, the difficulty and intensity of night flight training have also been improved since the New Year training, including the regular dawn combat training, all the training goal is to forge a full time combat, ready to fight at any time air blade!Apparently, “Taiwan independence” activists on the island who always “pay attention” to the MOVEMENT of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army also heard the message, and then staged a rare “reversal”, lai Qingde, known as the “successor” of Tsai Ing-wen, quickly called out: no “Taiwan independence”.Who is Lai Ching-de?Once described as a “pragmatic independence worker”, he is now Ms Tsai’s deputy and de facto deputy leader of the DPP. He enjoys popularity within the DPP and is likely to take over her mantle when she steps down.To be Tsai ing-wen’s deputy must be highly consistent with tsai Ing-wen in terms of ideology. However, recently, When lai Qingde was explaining the “Taiwan Issues” to the outside world, he said that the two sides should respect the Chinese mainland and hope for peaceful development based on mutual respect.Lai Qingde this position but with his previous words and deeds are very different, like Taiwan’s TV series, such a big “reversal” is to hang people’s appetite?However, Taiwan media said: Lai Qingde is a selfish politician, he has been changing, has been cheating!More island media said: Lai Qingde all kinds of acts, is paving the way for the 2024 island election, lai Qingde is the means to cheat votes.If Tsai Ing-wen is a “dark independence”, then Lai Qingde is a “Taiwan independence” diehard, if he is elected, the DPP will only be more “determined” to “Taiwan independence” night road to the end!If it is true, that “Lai Qingde’s election” will inevitably become a symbol of the general trend of unification, a “Taiwan independence” stubborn elements on the stage, means that we have to give up the hope of “harmony”, can only take decisive measures, with a strong means to solve the Taiwan issue!