Too white IQ is not high!Do neighbor so long still don’t know fu Hu is a girl!

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Xiaobian this time to bring you is funny + nonsense + fantasy + myth of the story “Big Talk Dragon”.His time in tiangong is full of funny and legendary, as he is the only mortal to become the Dragon Warrior and come to tiangong.What this period says is too white INTELLIGENCE quotient is not high!Do neighbor so long still don’t know fu Hu is a girl!I hope this story will bring you a moment of fun!The dragon of this bubble urine can break a disaster, this time because of the mushroom detective, even fu Hu also unemployed!Too white really is the brain circuit has not been online, but also curious fu Hu why not arm?How puzzling!But she’s a girl!Too white this dragon unemployment has been complaining to each other.Too white blame dragon everywhere urinate, dragon blame too white too greedy!But at such a critical moment, the problem should be solved.So Mu Zha proposed to find di Ge area!Isn’t he the supreme leader of the Heavenly palace?!Diago was a disappointment. He was also shirtless on a pony.He was voted against by those mushroom ministers, impeached him from office, so he is also a tragedy!Dragon for di Ge cheer, said the more in the moment of crisis, the more to cheer up!If the heart is in the dream!So Diego began to write on the board.Too white this do not hope good thought emperor elder brother write is a suicide note!Dragon think di Ge is the highest leader, he should write this is the declaration of war article, war to mushroom people!But it didn’t turn out the way everyone expected!Di Ge wrote on the sign that he was tao bag at the train station, the ball good Samaritan to 8 yuan for dinner.There are also children can not afford to go to school, help point books, thank you!This is this is unexpected!That’s the end of this issue, and the next one is even better!Think this article is good can give xiaobian point a free like oh!Tiangong sets off a new pet craze!Who doesn’t want a pet that works in the hall and in the kitchen?!