They use silent pay to protect the peace of Shenyang

2022-09-03 0 By

The construction site of a makeshift hospital and a health station in Shenyang was as busy with workers and cars as it is in the daytime on the early morning of April 29.After 8 days of day and night, rows of health stations have been erected on the original vacant lot.Such rows of health stations quickly pulled up, not behind the silent dedication of the builders, under the night sky, their backs are particularly tired, but as always stick to the forefront.”We have not seen our families for nine days, and we will continue to work hard to complete the construction of the makeshift hospital in both quality and quantity as scheduled.”China Construction eighth bureau Northeast Liaoning Branch Wang Dongwei said.Two days ago, Wang Dongwei posted a video on his new media account showing his colleague Zhu Jiayu stepping up his work. One of the comments was particularly touching: The wife said she finally saw her husband in the video, whom she had not seen for days.ZhuJiaYu is zhongjian eight innings, head of a group of health stations in shenyang emergency project, since 20 comes into play, in order to guarantee the construction period, all managers work area 24 hours of continuous operation, he only three or four hours’ sleep a night, stick to in the construction of a line every day, eat, sleep in building site, haven’t seen his family has been 9 days, in order to deliver this morning,To build a solid defense line of the epidemic in Shenyang and protect the safety of citizens to provide a strong guarantee!Zhu Jiayu wife: “the child top you that video go up to catch, want to pull you out.”Zhu Jiayu: “We are working 24 hours a day now.”Wife: “Don’t worry if YOU have me at home. I will take good care of the children and your mother.”Reporter: Yu Hai