Shenyang police cracked a series of theft cases

2022-09-03 0 By

Recently, Shenyang Public Security Bureau Shenbei New District branch cracked a series of theft cases, the suspect Sun (male, 50 years old) was arrested by the police.At 8:30 on February 3, Shenbei New District branch received a report from Ms. Zhang, who said her grocery store was stolen and lost more than 200 yuan in cash and 36 sticks of cigarettes, with a total value of more than 6,800 yuan.After receiving the alarm, shenbei New District branch immediately organized police work.Police investigating the case through in-depth visits to the row, found a silver gray minivan had appeared near the scene, the driver of the vehicle is suspected of committing a major crime.After further work, the police identified the minivan as a stolen vehicle.Handling the case police then around the area of the two minivan stolen cases launched investigation, found in the vehicle stolen case time period, are accompanied by burglary police situation.After in-depth analysis and judgment, handling the case police eventually locked a number of theft criminal record released personnel Sun mou is suspected of committing major crimes.February 7 at 18 xu, handling the case police through a continuous squatting, the suspect Sun mou captured.After the trial, the suspect Sun mou confessed its first theft minivan, and then driving stolen vehicles to carry out the criminal facts of burglary.After further digging, Sun mou also accounted for the theft of a minibus in tieling city criminal facts.At present, the suspect Sun mou has been detained by the police in accordance with the law because of suspected theft, the case is being further handled.Source: Ping An Shenyang (transferred from: Liaoning Political Science and Law)