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At that time, it was a “rare thing” for my mother to have one photo taken and one photo developed.She was photographed and developed only once, in the late spring of 1981.At that time, I was in my teens. I remember that people in the village had to walk to the Wei Town photo studio to take photos. It usually took seven days to develop the photos.Occasionally there are individual master in order to attract business, carrying a camera bag, to the countryside to take pictures.One day at 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the village came to a wugang county photo studio master.Of course, the camera master from the county is good.My mother was very happy when she heard about it, because she felt that having a grandson should be a souvenir for three generations.So, with her hair tied up in a bun and neat clothes, she dressed up and happily held her grandson, four or five months old, under a pear tree with snow-white flowers in front of the kitchen door, smiling slightly to the camera and letting the master “click, click” to take a few photos, which was the first time in her life.In order to save money, my mother only developed a 2-inch black and white photo.China began to implement the resident identity card system in 1984.In the autumn of 1988, the country was fully rolled out. At that time, the township government police station sent people to each village to take photos of the villagers’ ID cards. The villagers paid 40 cents for the photo fee to wash five black and white photos.But villagers over the age of 55 are not required to apply for resident identity cards.That’s why my 56-year-old mother didn’t take the ID photo.Later, my mother grew older and her health deteriorated, and the family income was not very good. At first, it was because I needed money to study. Later, considering that I did not have a family, I wanted to help me save some money for marriage.So, every cent, mother always count on the fingers.She never had a second photograph taken until she died of stomach cancer in September 1996 at the age of 64.In fact, my mother really wanted to take photos, and she would murmur words beside me, “I really want to take some photos and send them back to Liping’s family for them to see…”In fact, I understand my mother’s mind very well. She wanted to send some photos to her parents to show her love of caring their loved ones and to express her gratitude to several “uncles” for her upbringing.Mother was born in the beginning of the 1930s, an orphan girl, eat “100 family meal”, raised by several Cousins.On the eve of liberation, my father went to Liping, Guizhou province to do some small business, where my father and mother got married.A few years later, in 1958, my mother and my father, carrying their belongings on their shoulders and carrying two children (the younger one died later), walked for several months on rugged mountain roads to settle down in Yangtian Village.My home is poor jingle ring, a lot of people look down on, from Guizhou far married to miao township mother, but with my father “started from scratch”, just “support” the village in the third brick house, ten li eight villages, look at!During the nearly 40 years when my mother came back to Hunan, she was busy with farm work and household chores all the year round due to inconvenient transportation, and of course, there was no travel expense. Therefore, my mother could only visit her parents three times.After my mother passed away, in order that my family would never forget, I took the black and white photo of my nephew in my mother’s arm to the photo studio and asked the master to handle it with technology. The photo covered up my nephew’s image, and then I took it to master Luo, a professional carbon photographer, and drew my mother’s portrait according to the retaken photo.In this way, all three brothers can have their mother’s portrait placed in their home.”The north and south hill many graves, qingming festival sweep each.”Spring grass green, and qingming today.This year, the haze of the epidemic is still shrouded in the world, and FAR away in a foreign land, I can not burn incense on my mother’s grave to worship, can only knock at home beside the mother’s portrait.As soon as I saw the only black and white photo of my mother before her death, I always felt deeply touched by the scene, thinking of her vicissitudes of life and self-improvement years, thinking of her hard-working and frugal life, and thinking of her teaching to me that “if a person does not feel grateful, he should at least know that grace”…Qingming to, miss and memory spread with the wind, across the mountains and the sea, to you and I often read that far away.Some people say, past people, are the gift of life.That sound told, that a piece of yellowing old photos, that section of good memories, are deeply buried in our hearts.Miss never stop, they never go away.How many regrets, how many memorable past, will face the gentle spring breeze, slowly blowing into our hearts.Who do you miss most at this moment?Readers are cordially invited to express their grief and endless nostalgia in the form of words.Or text, or sound, video, or message, form is not limited.If you want to leave a message at 1315561244@qq.com, just write it at the bottom.Coordinated by: Chen Hongyan mai Wanshi Editor: Chen Chuyi