Mianyang starting point education | write good standard word, hard pen calligraphy works from children

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On February 16, 2022, children of qidian Education calligraphy class in Mianyang Economic Development Zone performed collective creation.Next, we will show the hard pen calligraphy works of some children aged 6-8 in Qidian Education of Mianyang Economic Development Zone…Chinese characters are profound and have a long history.Writing Well Chinese characters and doing well Chinese people is an important title of current cultural development.A good word, convenient for themselves, but also convenient for others a good word, pleasing to the eye a good word, let a person feel comfortable a good word, remarkable growth as a student, a good word more let us get important opportunities, character representative, character representative attitude,Written specification word can make our life become more rich second-grade students Kong Yang books second-grade students Kong Yang third grade students Primary school grade three students Lin Jiayi book Lin Jiayi book second grade students Wang Mengxin book second grade students A first-grade students XuBei Wang Mengxin book sunseeker book third grade students Liao ChenchenBook primary school grade 1 students Yin Kehao book primary school grade 3 students Liao Chenchen book primary school grade 1 students Yang Chengxian book primary school grade 2 students Du Boweishu primary school grade 1 students Yan Jin Yu Shu primary school grade 2 students Ye Tong language book primary school grade 2 students Du Bowei book primary school grade 2 students Zhao Xinchen book grade 1 students Zhang HaoxuanVan kexin books in grade one students Van kexin books in grade one students Book according to introducing, starting point of education calligraphy class specially invited Chinese hard-pen calligraphy association, sichuan hard-pen calligrapher’s association, and use of Chinese hard-pen calligraphy association designated training textbooks, the teaching material according to the Ministry of Education to write calligraphy education guidelines of primary and secondary schools,Edited by Zhang Huaqing, chairman of Chinese calligraphy Association, it is easy to learn and happy to write.Photo: Chen Lijun source: Qidian Education Braided hair: Tan Jun supervisor: children’s ringtones