Hunan Qiyang: small dumplings warm outdoor workers

2022-09-03 0 By

Even though the weather is cold, I feel the care of the union.On February 15, outdoor workers from Qiyang City, Hunan Province, Yu Sanyuan holding hands in the dumplings said.Small dumplings convey deep affection.Qyang city federation of trade unions in the day to carry out the “for outdoor workers to send dumplings” activities, a total of sanitation workers, truck drivers, network about car drivers, Courier, take-out distribution of new forms of employment outdoor workers issued 550 dumplings.Next, qiyang city federation of trade unions will maximize the new outdoor workers employment form community worker to attract trade union organizations, deepening the union pratt &whitney services, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers and the lawful rights and interests in the service worker, maintenance worker, to play a bigger role in being a good worker masses of trust “TieXinRen”, “family”Constantly improve the city’s employees sense of gain and happiness.