Happy Flower (71) Happy New Year’s Day

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Paying a New Year call is a traditional Chinese folk custom, a way for people to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new and express good wishes to each other.There are many ways to congratulate and bless others during the Spring Festival.For example: telegram, telephone, SMS New Year, network New Year, etc.When I was a child, the villagers New Year special special interesting, seven aunts, aunts, relatives and friends, villagers in good relations, every family is love, help the old and young, visit, busy.My mother has six brothers and sisters, and my uncle and aunt live in one family for a day, not far away, but a week.Father, brothers and sisters five people, a day to walk one or two homes, walk to the Lantern Festival.Other relatives and friends, before the Lantern Festival to take time to pay New Year’s greetings, is a must.”Happy New Year, first from uncle’s home to start.””My mother said,” My eldest brother is my mother’s eldest brother. It’s not far from my house. It’s only half an hour’s drive away.”We all listen to the arrangement of mom and dad, go to uncle’s house, I wish I could be like a little bird, quickly fly over.Because, great aunt is very good, cooking is also a great!There is another particularly important reason.I heard it from my mother.Mother said that when she was a child, her eldest uncle gave her the most care and help.Grandpa and grandma are farmers, sometimes the harvest is bad, the family can not open the pot.Because, in those days, the family burden is heavy, the children are many.If drought or flood disaster, low grain yield, or disease and insect pests, rice is not enough to eat, to sweet potato, potato, corn, wowtou to satisfy hunger.Eldest uncle is the oldest child in the family.He was older, but only 14.Indeed, uncle’s head is quite high, there was a student physical examination, he has a meter eight head.Maybe uncle loves sports, loves playing football, hard work, and does more physical work.My mother was the youngest in the family, at the age of four.In the summer of this year, mom and dad went to the fields to do farm work. There were many insects in the fields and the grass grew very luxuriant.Mom and dad early in the morning, drank gruel, eat sweet potato, then take the meal prepared for lunch or do some pasta steamed stuffed bun, flatbread and so on to the site.Taking a lunch to work in the fields means that parents don’t come home at noon.Because, live in the farmland, the top priority is to weeding insects.Otherwise, the harvest will fail again in autumn.Uncle is a day student in junior high school.Mom is 4 years old and goes to preschool.Because in those days junior high school, primary school and pre-school student are in a campus, it is to belong to “school of worker children”.There is a worker kindergarten, far from “primary and secondary schools”, that is to say, the mother of 4 years old with big uncle (namely mother’s eldest brother) in a campus convenient care.This is uncle special to find the principal to arrange to solve the mother in preschool (uncle is the student union cadres, good grades) dare to find the principal to solve the actual difficulties of the family;Besides, the young mother is especially sticky uncle, no wonder uncle especially hurt her.That was the day when mom and Dad would get up early to hoe grass and burn ash and treat pests with a ready lunch.Uncle just finished class, that is, two classes in the morning, the preschool teacher hurried to the third floor to find uncle.”Liu Xiaozhi, you hurry to see your little sister.”Preschool chai teacher panting ground, “twigs spit and pull, make the classroom floor, the table, and her body is full of stains, wailing very scary oh!”Uncle without another word, packed up a class on the desk “pen ruler books”, ran to the director of the class and the teacher leave, then rushed to the first floor of the preschool classroom, picked up the 4-year-old sister went to the medical clinic.After doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, mother is acute gastroenteritis symptoms – diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, fever and so on.After the diagnosis, the doctor said to use antibiotics for treatment.For example, “cefdinir, amoxicillin” and so on.The doctor also said with uncle, perhaps the daily diet is not clean, not sanitary, induced acute gastroenteritis;And asked uncle to replenish water for the patient in time to prevent dehydration;Strengthen the body to keep warm, do not blow electric fans, no matter how hot it is, do not sleep on the ground, to prevent body parts from catching cold.Fortunately, he got timely treatment and was in stable condition. He stayed at home for two days, but on weekends, he kept for two more days.Mother went back to preschool after she was well enough.Not only that, big uncle to little sister’s love is meticulous.Uncle later joined the army and worked in the army.Every letter he sent home from afar had special greetings and instructions for my little sister, my mother.The affection between brother and sister of big uncle and my mother can be said to be “as deep as the sea”, higher than the mountain than the sea.My mother sat down to chat with us, mostly talking about her story with uncle.Today is New Year’s day, mom and dad choose the first to take us to big uncle home.I fully understand my mother’s grateful heart.My brother and I were in clean, brand-new suits and polished shoes.Due to a bit of traffic jam on the road, delayed more than 20 minutes arrived at uncle’s home.My uncle and aunt, as well as my Cousins, have been waiting for us at the door for a long time.As soon as I got off the bus and walked to the gate, I saw the red lanterns hung high and the couplets on both sides were particularly eye-catching.However, BEFORE I had time to calm down and read the couplet, I was attracted by the delicious smell coming from the large round table of the restaurant, and hurried in with three feet and two steps.Wow!!!!Chicken, duck, fish and fish, all kinds of dim sum, colorful, everything, is indeed the color and taste.Has my aunt developed some new dishes on her own?I don’t think I’ve ever had one!”Dinner’s ready!’cried Cousin.’ Hurry up, everybody, and eat while it’s hot! ‘I eat like a pig.In fact, I only ate a little of my mother’s fagao and glutinous rice cake this morning.My intention was to give my stomach “room” to eat more of my great aunt’s cooking.Because, big aunt’s cooking is famous all around the country.Which baby birthday, old people do birthday, get married.In short, great aunt, as long as she is busy, will be available, not absent.The Spring Festival is the warmest festival in the hearts of Chinese people.The Flavor of The New Year begins with a series of New Year dishes, snacks and delicacies.Because, these New Year dishes, dim sum, food, are carrying fireworks and warmth;New Year flavor, condensation of deep feeling and blessing;The flavor of the New Year, condensing the family, relatives, friends that care, missing heart.Welcome to comment + comments.For more, check out the young Writers Network’s signed writer, Piggy Cookie’s mother.