Dongying Envision Plus can test ride, straight down 25,000 yuan

2022-09-03 0 By

It’s time to change a car and change your mood. Recently, dongying Wanqi Buick shop has dropped 10.87% from now to February 5th.We are looking forward to your visit and promotion from February 5th, 2022The latest offer of Avenir Plus models manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Dongying offer Avenir Avea seven-seat edition 309,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 284,900 yuan Avenir Avea five-seat edition 295,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 279,900 yuan 652TSeven luxurious models 262,900 yuan 252,500 yuan 227,900 yuan 652T five elite models 229,900 yuan 22,500 yuan 204,900 yuan 652TSeven four-wheel drive luxury model 273,900 yuan 25,500 yuan 248,900 yuan 652T five four-wheel drive luxury model 263,900 yuan 25,500 yuan 238,900 yuan 552T five luxury model 235,900 yuan 25,500 yuan 210,900 yuan