Baby after a few years old can oneself manage lucky money?Age comes, use 3 ways to manage your money to benefit your baby for life

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Child: “Mom, please return my lucky money!”A 10-year-old nephew, Le Le, quarreled with his mother over the issue of “Lucky money”.Before, all of Lele’s lucky money was managed by her mother. Almost every year, there was an excuse to manage it.When Lele was young, her mother said: “You are still young, my mother will help you manage the lucky money.”At that time, Lele did not care about anything as long as there were firecrackers, delicious food and amusement park for the New Year. She thought it was nice that her mother helped manage the money and she had more “welfare”.After entering primary school, Le Le gradually realized that the amount of money was more tempting than his own welfare, so he began to ask for his own.The year before last, her mother said to Lele, “You still have to pay for books, food, stationery and so on. That’s a lot of money!”Last year, her mother said to Lele, “If someone gives you lucky money, mom has to give it back!”This year, Le Le told her mother, “According to the Civil Code, the lucky money is a gift and should belong to the recipient, that is, me, and I am over eight years old, so I can keep it independently!”Joy’s mother was speechless.Baby after a few years old can oneself manage lucky money?First of all, there is one thing that is certain, that is lucky money, belongs to children.There is a clear provision in the Civil Code that the act of donation should be owned by the donee. Minors over the age of 8 can independently implement the civil legal act of pure benefit.New Year’s money, belongs to the elder to the younger generation gift, New Year’s money should belong to the younger generation all.According to the legal age, children can manage their own lucky money independently when they are 8 years old. When they are less than 8 years old, their parents can manage the money for them, but they cannot embezzle it at will.Of course, a family can not be so on line, who belongs to the New Year’s money, ultimately after parents and children discuss, management.If the economic conditions are really tight, parents can discuss with their children, put the money into the family account.If it is not the lack of children that money, then it is also suggested that parents in the child’s age of about 8 years old, the New Year’s money will be handed over to the child’s own management, use.Because at this time, parents need to cultivate their children’s financial intelligence, and New Year’s money is a very good opportunity!Finally, Lele’s mother gave lele tens of thousands of New Year’s money this year. At the same time, she also prepared a set of Children’s Financial Quotient Picture books for Lele to read.The purpose of Le Le’s mother is that she hopes le Le can plan his first money well, instead of spending it as he wants.Then Lele discussed three ways to spend money with her mother, and she recommended them to everyone. If done well, the children can learn to plan money and benefit from it all their life!Way one: For family to buy gifts New Year’s money, but also “come and go”, this point, must let the child know.Although there is no need for children to bear the family’s New Year’s money expenditure, but children also want to understand the family pay.So taking some of your money and buying gifts for your family, even small ones that are not expensive, is a good way for kids to learn gratitude.After receiving the New Year’s money, Lele plans what she wants to buy this year, such as the toys she has been longing for.Of course, not just spending money, Lele after reading the children’s Financial Business picture book, but also want to try a “money” feeling.He bought the complete set of Tang Xiaotuan’s Tour of Chinese History series, which was very popular in his class, but there were only a few copies.So Lele came up with the idea of buying such a set of books so that she could read them herself and “rent” them to her classmates.Parents in children get New Year’s money, can give children a few days of time, to plan the use of New Year’s money, and then cross out the unreasonable part.This process is to teach children to buy things based on the price and trade-offs.Some deeper, can let the child “money begets money”, this step, can let the child know that it is not easy to make money, will be more considerate of parents in the future.Method 3: Let the child “self-established account” deposit the rest of the money, can let the child put in his own account.In this process, there are many things to learn, such as interest rates, financial products, etc., to be more sensitive to the market and society.Moreover, it will also let the child develop the good habit of saving and not wasting.All-around cultivate children’s financial quotient, “children financial quotient picture book” can help lele this “children financial quotient picture book”, fruit mother read, really good, no wonder this set of books to children so much inspiration.How much can I buy for $100?Why is there so much money in a bank card?Where is the money coming from?Can money buy friendship?Why do mom and dad have money to burn?…These questions, I believe, your children are also very confused.And “Children’s financial quotient picture book” is a set of picture books to cultivate children’s financial quotient.This “Children’s Financial Quotient picture book” for children aged 6-12, a total of 8 volumes, respectively is “Where does money come from?”, “Be the Little Master of Money”, “A Good Idea for Money to Grow Money”, “Money is Both Good and Bad”, “Don’t Be a Negative Person”, “The Relationship between Chinese money and Foreign Money”, “Money is Not everything”, “Parents’ Money is Not free”.This set of books, there are several fixed characters, the use of situational stories, about the “money” of all kinds of stories and knowledge points, let children love, but also easy to understand, really enhance the children’s “financial quotient”.If your home also has 6-12 years old children, money is not moderate, do not understand their parents to earn hard money and so on, then you can prepare a set of children’s financial picture book for children!As parents, we can manage lucky money for our children.However, children as independent individuals, parents can not manage their children’s life!Therefore, from the beginning of New Year’s money, we will gradually transfer the right to manage the children!