Tiger year xititiao top match Auchan X7 PLUS, take it as work car, in the end can not?

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As an automobile media person, usually can be said to read countless cars, accumulated over a long period of time to practice a pair of piercing eyes.We certainly have a better say in whether a car is good or not.Speaking of which, the question is, what kind of car do car media people drive?Admittedly, this is the netizens’ question that we have to meet from time to time. Just recently, the new media of automobile information purchased an Auchan X7 PLUS, a popular model on the Internet, and it is a top-matching model, which may give the netizens the answer they want.Of course, the choice of the Auchan X7 PLUS was not a leap of faith. After the car’s launch in mid-October last year, automotive Intelligence new media took the initiative to test drive the car, and later extended a period of time to get a good understanding of the car.It is also based on this, we decided to carry a top-equipped Auchan X7 PLUS as the filming work car, and on February 10, the hot car was just mentioned to the company, for the majority of netizens concerned about the problem, it is ok to take it as the work car?Might as well take a closer look.Abundant space, for the filming work can be fully endowed as the filming work car, first of all, the space should be large enough.Not only need to install a lot of shooting equipment, such as camera, tripod, light, aerial camera, various props and luggage, but also the team of several people in the car enough spacious, long journey not tired to sit up.For auchan X7 PLUS, its length, width and height are 4730/1870/1720mm, wheelbase is 2786mm, the standard A+ class SUV size, data than the ordinary compact A class SUV has advantages.This is not, look at the video team of the beautiful host experience, even if the driving seat of a 178cm/81kg of the big man, she sat in the back of the leg transverse, longitudinal space is still very spacious, even can not use a simple “one or two punch” to describe.And even if you are not sitting on a delicate little sister, there is a good space experience.Two other small details are also fascinating.First, the back seat of the Auchan X7 PLUS has a flat floor, which makes it easy to sit in the middle.Second, the rear door window can fall parallel to the lower window, so that the rear view is more open.And then there’s the loading space in the trunk.Originally, the trunk of Auchan X7 PLUS has a large opening and good depth data, with a volume of 650L. All the shooting equipment and equipment mentioned above can be put down without pressure.PLUS the back seat of the Auchan X7 PLUS can be laid down, making it a 1.9m bed.In this way, if the team members are tired, they can also take a short rest, replenish their energy anytime and anywhere, and then put themselves into the intense work.I almost forgot to mention that the seats on the Auchan X7 PLUS are black imitation leather, with 12,000 microfiber leather holes in the middle and thickened and highly resilient materials. It’s not as comfortable as a Nissan sofa, but it’s pretty comfortable to sit on.Turn it around and run a long distance to see if it really is not tired.Rightness, auchan X7 PLUS interior material is also very fastidious.central console part and lower part respectively used the texture optimization of the plastic lining process and matte texture of the sand skin, the price of more than 100,000 can give such materials, really rare.At the same time, the front of the electronic block is also set up a mobile phone placing area, and with wireless charging function, such a design is very convenient and intimate.As the video team is made up of young people, everyone is born Internet aborigines, and the intelligent experience of cars is a rigid demand.This is not perfect for auchan X7 PLUS 10.25 inches full LCD instrument +12.3 inches center screen.Thanks to the full scene OnStyle3.0+ intelligent vehicle control system, you can experience a large number of applications, such as navigation, entertainment, remote startup, and so on.For example, we are going to shoot a trailer video for a hot new car in February. The place we choose is beilonghu with beautiful scenery. At this time, we just need to say “Hello, Xiao Ou” and navigate to beilonghu Financial Center, and then we can plan the route there.You don’t have to pull out your phone, making work easier and more efficient.In addition, the Auchan X7 PLUS we bought is also equipped with L2 automatic driving assistance integrated with ACC adaptive cruise, parallel assist, lane departure warning, active braking/active safety and other active safety equipment.This function is a godsend at high speed, activated by the relevant button on the left multi-function steering wheel, and alleviates driving fatigue on certain roads.Oh, and in case the driver is distracted, the Auchan X7 PLUS has a DMS fatigue monitoring feature, right below the dashboard.Once the driver is distracted doze off, it will timely remind, and guide the driver to rest.It is expected that next month, we will plan a cross-provincial long-distance self-driving tour, and then we will bring you the L2 intelligent assisted driving experience of Auchan X7 PLUS. If you are interested, please continue to pay attention to it.It is worth mentioning that for the female students in our shooting team, they always worry about parking when driving, for fear of accidentally scraping.With Auchan X7 PLUS, its 360° panoramic image +180° chassis blind area vision monitoring system can clearly display the surrounding environment and even the road conditions on the ground. For female students, it is equivalent to the co-driver sitting on a security officer all the time.Of course, if you’re still nervous, you can also rely on automatic parking to help. Once you use it, you’ll know it’s good.Perhaps some netizens will worry that the power combination of 1.5T+7DCT to drive such A+ SUV will be A bit too much.No, the specs of the 1.5T engine are great, with 188Ps and 300N·m of torque, which is close to the low power EA888 2.0.In fact, you won’t feel underpowered when you actually drive the Auchan X7 PLUS.Let’s put it this way, the experience that this brings you is the standard home style, that is, the start will not have the radical momentum, in the front section of the speed is relatively light, the overall performance is very “family”, belongs to the kind of joyful and relaxed driving style.As far as the driving scenes of our video team are concerned, we mainly drive in cities and occasionally go to some unpaved roads. To be honest, the power of Auchan X7 PLUS can fully meet our needs.Even if it is speeding up and overtaking on high speed, its power reserve will not be disappointing, after all, it is equipped with a sport mode in addition to the two modes of economy and standard (comfort), which will be more exciting when activated.In particular, Auchan X7 PLUS is equipped with front McPherson type, rear multi-link type front and rear independent suspension, biased to comfort adjustment, can ensure horizontal support while effectively filtering out road vibration.Combined with the above comfortable and smooth driving style, the result is a more pleasant experience.Oh, and the auchan X7 PLUS has a multitude of soundproof materials, which ensures a calm ride and elevates the ride to a higher level.In the same words, we will test it in the long-distance work vehicle in the later period to see how much its 120km/h cruising decibel value is, whether it is worthy of this suit material.Based on the above content, the quality assurance of the whole vehicle of the first-tier autonomous car enterprises is over 100,000 yuan, but the technology, safety and comfort configuration is only available for 200,000 or even 300,000 yuan cars. It is based on this that makes auchan X7 PLUS as a media work car, the most suitable, what do you think?