The 20th Ice and snow fishing and hunting Culture Tourism Festival of Chagan Lake

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Chagan lake e-government WeChat authority issued hot | | politics and the latest information Chagan lake advocacy center One, is expected in the coming week weather forecast in the coming week our city more fine weather, 11 have light snow weather, the wind is not big, 13 start temperature dropped slightly, the lowest temperature can reach to 20 ℃ or so.Two, three chagan lake and the surrounding area of fine forecast, influence analysis and propose more sunny weather in the coming week, 11 have light snow, may cause road snow or ice, travel, pay attention to traffic safety, 13, a drop in temperature relatively early, morning and night temperature difference is bigger, alert to participate in outdoor activities personnel and visitors do cold heat preservation measures, timely increase or decrease in clothes.Clear water, green mountains, ice and snow are gold and silver mountains source: Songyuan Meteorological Bureau Editor: Bi Chongming Review: Shan Junguo final review: Gao Hongchen