Sanxingdui new tiger head bronze “god beast” : half dragon, half tiger, strange shape

2022-09-02 0 By

Sanxingdui “blind box” is a new one.A bronze dragon and tiger “god beast” has been found in the 8th “sacrificial pit” ahead of the Upcoming Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, according to the official microblog of is understood that the “god beast” has two horns on its head and a tiger striped body on a gold bottom. It is part dragon, part tiger and has a strange shape.Expert introduction, this is an unprecedented bronze ware, temporarily named it as tiger dragon body bronze statue.The base is 55 centimeters wide and 85 centimeters high, and part of it is still in the ground.Sanxingdui has the shape of a dragon before, but it is the first time that it appears in such a volume and in the form of a round carving.Now there are still a lot of soil on the surface of the cultural relic, I believe it will be very gorgeous after being cleaned up.The purpose of the bronze is unclear.