Rizhao: Smart city makes life better

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The new smart city should not only have the “IQ” to solve problems, but also the “EQ” to know the cold and the warm.In 2021, Juli will use data fusion application to drive business remodeling, system innovation and process reengineering, and use more refined and humanized ways to benefit more groups with the achievements of new smart city development, and use “wisdom” to enable the city to live a better life.This is the Integrated command center of Rizhao city. Since last year, 145 systems of the city, including smart emergency response, smart urban management and smart ocean, have been integrated into the city brain, and more than 50 application scenarios have been opened in social governance, urban management and government services.What is displayed on the screen is the taxi sailing scene. The air quality sailing monitoring equipment installed on the top of 200 taxis in the city monitors the air indicators in real time. When the air quality is abnormal, the urban brain Internet of Things platform collects data information in the first time.Yu-dong sun city bureau is introduced, and the city will brain map real-time warning information to generate real-time work order of air environment, and docking to the wisdom of the urban management platform, the city urban management bureau for the first time to send all the cases to the sanitation department for disposal, and will be the result of the disposal of the brain back to the city, forming a closed loop of each case.People often compare the urban brain to the central nerve of a city, so how does the central nerve work?Urban brain uses urban Internet of Things platform, data center and business center as enabling carriers to get through the information flow of all levels and departments, which is also the reason why cross-level and cross-department events can be processed so efficiently.Zhang Wen, director of the Operation Guarantee Department of the Big Data Development Service Center of Rizhao, said that rizhao City brain has built an urban intelligent center base with continuous iteration and upgrading supported by multi-dimensional agile perception, massive data sharing, surveillance video, space-time and other capabilities, to promote intelligent and refined urban governance and management.As one of the important contents of the city brain, “Shandong Rizhao Tong” app, which has been online for one year, has launched a huge amount of intelligent and convenient services, and has also been connected to 16 personal “all do” service scenarios such as marriage and childbearing, medical treatment and death, and 21 enterprise “all do” service scenarios.Last September, the app launched a new feature called “policy Platform”.In recent years, Rizhao has introduced many good policies that lay the foundation for long-term development, but some people and enterprises still cannot use them, cannot find them and cannot understand them.To this end, the municipal Bureau of Administrative Examination and Approval jointly launched a policy platform to provide one-stop service for people and enterprises, policy inquiries and cashing.Zhang Wenhua, a staff member of Rizhao Policy Access window, introduced that rizhao policy Access platform has three functional platforms: policy inquiry, policy matching, and policy handling. It also connects with no proof system, so you can apply for policies by clicking the mouse. The whole process of the network office really realizes that you can enjoy if you do not come.On this basis, the city is accelerating the introduction of more and more “no application, enjoy” policies, the former “people seeking policy”, now it is “policy seeking policy”.For example, the city bureau of employment subsidies for college graduates, you can enjoy intangible certification.”Two months after graduation, I received a subsidy for college graduates, and I don’t need to provide other materials. I think such a policy is very beneficial to the people and very warm.”Rizhao city transportation energy development Group Chen Junyu said.At present, the usage of the platform has reached 28,000 times.This year, the city will continue to improve the functions of the platform and introduce more policies without application, not only to make the policy subsidies for handling affairs as convenient as “online shopping”, but also to make more market players feel free to enjoy the policy.In 2021, The city carried out key actions of cloud integration, network unification and data convergence, collected more than 6.7 billion pieces of various data, and created 62 typical application scenarios and solutions of big data.New smart cities are being developed.In the future, Rizhao will continue to improve the level of data sharing and open application, and strive to make things more convenient, life more convenient, governance more efficient, and make our happy life shine with wisdom.(Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION Rong media reporter Yang Kun jia Zhonggen Pei Hang)