Police alert!”Top flow” scam has come, shaoxing has been taken in

2022-09-02 0 By

The Winter Olympics are in full swing, and scammers are taking advantage of the heat.Recently, with the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the mascot “Bing Dwen Dwen” is popular, triggering a wave of buying, resulting in “a trick hard to find”.If someone tells you at this time, he has the channel to buy “ice dun dun”, can buy on behalf of you, will you move?Mascot ice Dun dun and snow rong rong online shopping “ice Dun dun” to keep a mind more shaoxing Zhuji citizens Zhang usually love to play online games, in the game, he knew a claimed home in Beijing man Xu.Virtual world, two people with tacit understanding, gradually in-depth contact, became wechat friends.The day before yesterday, Zhang thought of the Winter Olympics is held in xu’s city, the mascot “ice Dun Dun” is very lovely, so want to let the other party to help buy, keep for collection.Xu promised to buy, Zhang immediately transfer 1000 yuan.However, after the money to hand, Xu mou said that now buy “ice dun dun” more difficult, to take a look over a period of time.See so troublesome, Zhang Mou puts forward actively not to buy, want the other side to return money, never think oneself wechat already was by “good friend” delete, Zhang Mou this just discovery was cheated, report a crime to huan East police station immediately.At present, the case is under further investigation.”This kind of criminal case is not the heat of the Winter Olympics, criminals take advantage of people’s special affection for the Winter Olympics, or ‘shoddy goods’, cheat high purchase money, or’ empty hands’, after receiving the money transfer, blocked and disappeared.”Police analysis said that criminals will also set up a fake official website of the Winter Olympics, on the website for so-called “lucky draw”, “Winter Olympics souvenir gift”, “Winter Olympics limited edition commemorative stamps flash sale”, “Winter Olympics commemorative coins snap up” and other activities, to trick people into registering online.Once you follow the path set by the website, you could fall into a trap that could result in personal information being leaked or even money being transferred from your bank account.The police reminded everyone that for all kinds of lottery activities related to the Winter Olympics, it is best to log on the official website of the Winter Olympics or to the authority to verify.Encounter the need to pay in advance “advance payment” “deposit” “poundage” and other circumstances, the possibility of fraud is great, must not be credulous.Once cheated, be sure to dial 110 or go to the nearest police station in the first place.(Source: Xishiyan)