MOTOROLA egdeX30 global first 60 million former master photography image power formidable

2022-09-02 0 By

At that time, MOTOROLA was so cool, it was absolutely the temple of the mobile phone industry. Although the rise of the new generation has overshadowed its talent, but now the new MOTOROLA EGDE X30 has been released, which can be said to perform very bright.This new camera is the world’s first 60 million front main camera, equipped with 50 million wide Angle main camera +50 million ultra wide Angle macro main camera + depth of field lens combination, image strength is formidable.The core hardware is equipped with Qualcomm’s top chip: Snapdragon 8 processor, which adopts 4nm process. The running score of Antutu is close to 1 million, showing excellent performance.To give full play to the performance of snapdragon 8, MOTOROLA EGDE X30 uses a self-developed multi-channel thermal intelligent temperature control system, which can timely export the heat inside the phone to maximize the performance of snapdragon 8.Finally, its ability to take pictures in detail, brightness and color restoration is worth having.