Leung chiu Wai was asked if he was not tall enough, Lin chi-ling answered the question successfully

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Lin Zhiling recently reported good news on New Year’s Eve, revealed that her husband kurozawa Ryohei (Akira), a member of the “Wild Wave Brothers” who is seven years younger, ushered in the eldest son and became a happy family of three. After the news spread, many entertainer friends went to Lin Zhiling’s community website daoxi, which shows that Lin Zhiling is good in the entertainment circle.Lin chi-ling has always been known for her high emotional intelligence. In the past, when she worked with Tony Leung chiu-wai, she was asked whether Tony Leung chiu-wai seemed taller than Lin Chi-ling, as if he was not tall enough. Would he look out of place in front of the camera?Lin chi-ling’s clever response not only saved Leung chiu-wai, but also demonstrated textbook high emotional intelligence.Lin Chi-ling 2001 took many ads popular, and then filmed Harlem Yu sing the MV “Spring Mud” to open the popularity, but she was TW first model not only by appearance, high emotional intelligence and modest polite personality is one of the goddess of no negative criticism in the entertainment circle.In the early years, she had been a netizen sour dress is not good-looking, she kissed on the wire message: “I think very good-looking ah,” and encountered choking hot small S in “Kangxi Come” asked: “single for so long, how do you solve the demand?”.Lin’s unhurried response: “It’s not necessary”, which drew netizens to praise Lin’s always so decent and generous answers.Lin chi-ling was previously asked about her height when she performed red Cliff with Tony Leung chiu-wai.In 2007, Lin made her film debut, playing zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao with Tony Leung chiu-wai in red Cliff. However, in the history books, Zhou Yu is about 180 cm, while Tony Leung chiu-wai is 174 cm, and Lin Chi-ling is about the same height.At the opening press conference, Lin chi-ling was questioned by the outside world about her appearance. At that time, Lin chi-ling not only put on flat shoes considerately, but also emphasized that “a man’s bearing is better than height”, which attracted the applause of the media.When Lin chi-ling announced her quick marriage to Japanese Akira in 2019, there were rumors that she might change her last name to Kurosawa.At that time, Lin did not dodge the question, saying, “I will not change my surname. The name embodies the culture and the love given by everyone, and there will be no change in the future.”Her words put an end to the speculation of the sour people, which was praised by netizens as “super self-restrained answer”.