Is there such a “good thing” about renting a car without paying?9:30 tonight

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With the ID card to rent a car and then rent a good vehicle to the special mortgage car collector according to the acceptance of the vehicle to give the car rental fee after any problems have nothing to do with the car rental do not have to pay their own rental fees and money have such a “good”?…”Mortgage cars?I have an Audi. Shall I take it?”Recently, the wuhan city, hubei province people’s procuratorate prosecuted in rent cars to resell, a court in geng a certain, child and so on 4 people constitute a disguise and hide crime to offend, a sealing, zhang for 4 people were sentenced to the constitute the crime of fraud of the eleven years the punishments of the 6 months to 3 years, the range between $4000 and $15000 fine.This is a criminal gang that specializes in the implementation of fraud through car rental, the victims of companies all over Beijing, Shanghai and other places, involving more than 1.6 million yuan.In December 2020, zhang met online intermediary huang, huang told zhang for a doorway to make money, just use my id card is dealt with car rental, rent a good vehicle to introduce huang again the buyer (i.e., dedicated to receive the mortgage car), collect people to rent a car according to the acceptance of the vehicle situation, after the vehicle had nothing to do with any problem.Car rental does not have to pay their own rental fees and money, Zhang did not think more agreed.After that, Huang will recommend zhang to do car rental resale business seal.On December 29, 2020, Feng mou and Zhang Mou rented an Audi car from a car rental company, and Huang Mou knew that 2 people have bad intentions, still help introduce the car collector Geng mou.Later, Feng and Zhang drove the car to a suburb of Xinye County in Henan Province and met with the car collector Geng and others in the early morning of 31.To prevent the rental car from being tracked, the collector will have to block the GPS signal and inspect the car.However, Geng and others found that the Audi car was equipped with an anti-shielding oil cut-off system. Once the GPS signal of the vehicle was blocked, the vehicle would not be able to start, so the transaction between the two parties was interrupted.In January 2021, the oil cut off system installed by the car rental company was cracked, and the two sides came to the remote suburbs again for trading.Check the car is finished, the car collector Geng mou let Zhang mou to sign the mortgage contract, and will be given 60 thousand yuan to feng mou and Zhang Mou.Geng then drove off in the Audi.From the renter to the collector, the “first half” of the deal is completed.Usually Geng will receive the vehicle to the peer Ma’s garage, Ma built a special shielding equipment for the vehicle GPS signal here, its men tong mou and Zhang mou are responsible for dismantling the vehicle GPS signal equipment in the shielding room, geng mou then modified the vehicle set of cards, low resell to the car.In January 2021, the public security organ received a report from an employee of the company that the lessee, Surnamed Zhang, had failed to return the rental car on schedule, and the GPS signal of the car was always offline, and Mr. Zhang could not be reached.The public security organ immediately filed a case for investigation, and in February of the same year, the public security organ requested the Hanyang District Procuratorate to approve the arrest of Feng and Zhang on suspicion of fraud.After a detailed understanding of the case, the prosecutors of Hanyang District Procuratorate believed that Geng, Huang and other five people involved in the case were suspected of covering up and concealing the proceeds of the crime. Therefore, while approving the arrest of Feng and Zhang Ju, they issued a Position Paper on The Arrest of Criminal Suspects to the public security organ, suggesting that geng and other five people be hunted down.Subsequently, investigators along the clues to find Ma’s garage, and the scene seized two not resold Audi car and a pledge contract, identified the scene of two cars are involved in the vehicle.Public security organs found out that in addition to Zhang Mou ju, another 4 people (2 of them have been dealt with separately) is also introduced and feng Mou premeditated, come forward to rent luxury cars, and then the vehicle mortgage to Geng Mou cash.In February 2021, in addition to Huang mou, Feng mou, Zhang Mou ju, Geng mou and other 8 people have been arrested.In May of the same year, the case was transferred to Hanyang District Procuratorate for examination and prosecution, and the seven suspects confessed to the criminal facts.Geng, who pleaded not guilty, has been arguing that he did not know the mortgaged vehicle was the proceeds of crime.At this point, not arrested to the case of the intermediary Huang Mou to become a crucial element in the case.”Huang’s confession is critical to the facts of the crime against Geng, and I suggest that the hunt for Huang be intensified.””Said the prosecuting attorney during a review of the prosecution.Huang was arrested in May 2021.After arriving at the case, he truthfully confessed the whole crime facts, including the fact that he introduced Feng and others to sell stolen goods to Geng, and helped contact others to modify the frame number of the stolen car geng purchased.In June of the same year, the public security organ to Huang mou suspected of covering up, conceal the crime offended by the transfer of Hanyang District procuratorate review prosecution.”Huang’s statement and existing evidence confirm each other and are sufficient to charge Geng with his crimes.”I suggest that we further investigate geng’s chat records, whether the car involved has a special logo of the rental company, and the circumstances of changing the vehicle information to further consolidate evidence.”After accepting the case, the undertaker once again put forward suggestions for guiding investigation.On July 1, 2021, after the new evidence supplement in place, the Hanyang District Procuratorate to Feng Mou, Zhang Mou ju and other 4 people suspected of fraud, Geng Mou and other 4 people suspected of covering up, concealing the crime against the Hanyang District court filed a public prosecution.On July 7, the hospital to Huang is suspected of covering up, concealing the crime offended to the Hanyang District court filed a public prosecution.In August, the court sentenced Huang to three years and six months in prison and fined him 4,000 yuan.In the face of the public prosecutor put out a piece of hard evidence, Geng speechless, plead guilty in court.(Procuratorial Daily by Zhou Jingjing, Li Xue, Tan Chang, Yao Wen)