Iran calls itself one of the three pillars of the Eastern Bloc!Confident 2 months to sign the agreement with the United States

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In this international review, Mushu analyzes some of Iran’s recent diplomatic developments.Since the establishment of the new Iranian government last year, Iran’s diplomacy has been divided into three main parts: first, dealing with the West on the nuclear issue;Second, close contact with China and Russia;Third, China pays close attention to the Middle East and its surrounding areas, such as diplomacy in the Arab world and Afghan affairs.Whatever the diplomacy, it shows that the country’s pride is very strong.We should pay attention to this tendency in international communication.In particular, the regime of checks and balances in Iran will put real pressure on the Iranian government’s diplomacy, perhaps as much as the West does on its government.Mushu gave two examples to help you better understand the reality of Iran’s diplomacy.Iran’s supreme religious leader ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s first example was the Nuclear deal.Iran and the P5 plus Germany are currently engaged in a new round of talks on the Iranian nuclear issue.With positions so far apart, there is little optimism that the DIFFERENCES between the U.S. and Iran will be bridged any time soon.So an interim deal has been pushed up the agenda by some.The so-called interim deal is a compromise between the U.S. and Iran, with Iran temporarily freezing its nuclear activities in return for the lifting of some U.S. sanctions.This would avoid the dilemma of a permanent deal, and would also bring some benefits to both the United States and Iran.However, Iranian negotiator Saeed Jalili publicly dismissed the possibility of an interim deal in late January.He said neither Russia nor any other country was putting pressure on Iran to reach an interim agreement.Iran is independent in its approach to the nuclear negotiations.Having resisted American and Western unilateralism for the past 43 years and paid a high price for it, Iran will not give in easily.Meanwhile, The spokesman for the Iranian parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, Ahmed Meskini, expressed optimism that Iran had defeated U.S. sanctions and was in control of the negotiations and had the upper hand.”We believe a win-win nuclear agreement in Vienna is within reach, even though the United States wants to impose a bad deal on us,” he said.He believes an agreement with the United States will be reached by the Iranian New Year, which begins March 20.The second example is Iran’s judgment on international relations.The same spokesman for the Iranian parliament’s National security and foreign policy committee, Ahmed Meskini, said.Iran’s diplomacy, he said, was smart, and despite sanctions being the West’s strongest and most dangerous tool, it had evaded American sanctions by allying with the East.He went so far as to say that Iran is a very important country, similar to China and Russia.His words were — “Iran, Russia and China are the three pillars of the Eastern Bloc, and the Eastern Bloc is getting stronger and stronger every day.”The so-called Eastern Bloc, which is not officially recognized by China and Russia, has never appeared in documents of Sino-Russian exchanges with Iran.So in His view, the so-called group is just a wishful thinking of some people in Iran.After all, China is a non-aligned country, and Russia’s Allies are mostly friends inherited from the Soviet era. Iran is not a member of that group.The spokesman also told the media that Iran’s 25-year agreement with China includes more than $500 billion of Chinese investment in Iran’s strategic industries.To prove that Iran is taken seriously by Russia and China and can beat US sanctions.So the Iranians have some interesting diplomatic perspectives.