Independent market?U.S. stocks fell, A shares rose, liquor plate rebounded sharply

2022-09-02 0 By

Opening, to briefly say: last night the overall decline of the Us stock market is not small, the three major indexes collectively fell 1.5%, China Internet ETF fell more than 6%.A shares side after the low open after the pull up to go, today to lift the Shanghai stock market is liquor, banks, brokerages and other weight components.As you can see by now, the fluctuation reference of Shanghai Index is of little significance. Because the composition is too mixed, different plates can keep the fluctuation stable by taking turns. Therefore, we only pay attention to the previous low.Gem also pull up to go, 2600 points above the shock will continue.The recent average has been entangled, the pressure above the 30-day line, if it can effectively break through, the probability will open the short-term rebound space, there is still about 1% distance, we just wait.(hua ‘an gem 50ETF connection A) white wine intraday up more than 3%!The continuous recovery is very aggressive. After jumping out of the weak and new low on Monday, the remaining four trading days pulled out a new height, and there will probably be a new area of stability here. Simply speaking, it can not fall.These two days said the strategy is still effective, the observation period to now, liquor and the former bottom opened 7% distance, below the risk temporarily lifted, if the position is not enough, next week can consider stepping back to improve the position.(China Merchants Liquor index C) Hong Kong stocks opened low after a small rebound, still down more than 2%!Some investors have begun to cast, pay attention to chips into not too fast, the process of stabilizing the Hong Kong base may be longer than the growth plate, the amplitude is larger, similar to the mid-March one-day surge, it is difficult to see the short-term, unless there is a significant improvement in liquidity and policy.Do as much as possible to prepare for a year, to ensure good cash flow can continue.(Harvest Hang Seng Hong Kong stocks through the new Economic Index (LOF)A) intraday index fell high, the problem is not big, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 rise is very strong, today is estimated to run.