“Five Questions” for Organizing workers to sprout new growth

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Reading secretary Ye Luzhong’s signed article “Sleeves up, arms off, struggling to catch up with road”, let me excited and deep thinking.This is the secretary of the standing Ye Lou luan green stimulus catch up with the development of the global to all luan “soul-crushing” put forward by the party members and cadres, five questions to ask each of the grip of luan development of fundamental, as a young cadre of realization, face to face with five asked, should be actively to the standard to the table, surpassing development, washing tablets party construction in yulin Ann advanced township list compare,The SLATE blunt party building work to liuan advanced township list of comparison, the SLATE blunt Party building work to Anhui province advanced township list of comparison, from which to find the gap, precise policy, couragtly catch up.We should be open-minded and have the belief that the revolutionary ideal is above heaven.Young cadres should bear in mind that the firm ideal and belief is a lifelong task, which needs constant practice and should be trusted and kept for a lifetime.As young cadres, first of all, they must have firm political ideals and convictions, faithfully support the “two establishment”, strengthen the “four consciousness”, strengthen the “four confidence”, and achieve the “two protection”.To bear in mind the “great country”, do not discount the implementation of relevant decisions and arrangements.Carve loyalty into your soul.We should strengthen the study of the Party’s innovation theory, truly integrate new ideas into our blood and soul, and become the backbone of our spirit, the anchor of our theory, and the compass of our actions.Blend loyalty with “strong faith.”We must always keep in mind our original mission, remain firm in our political belief, and remain committed to our political position.Invest your loyalty in acting consciously.We should show our loyalty to the Party in every word and action, make every choice and stick to it, stay sober when people are in an uproar, and have the courage to take responsibility in the face of “hard work”.To surpass ourselves, we must have the will to “sail the sea”.To temper the ability.Use leisure time, take the initiative to learn party building business knowledge, cherish training opportunities, do a good sorting summary, to ensure that what you learn, learn something.Really master a few “brush”, practice a few “hard work”, improve the ability to solve practical problems, overcome the work “will not not understand”, crack the difficult problem “guilty leg soft” problem.Raise the bar high.Dare to compare themselves with the advanced and excellent ones around, make up for shortcomings, and think about how to transcend development and go to the next level while catching up.We should compare ourselves with last year and make continuous progress. We should be good at horizontal comparison as well as vertical comparison. Catching up and developing is an eternal theme.Don’t equate said with done, done with done.Be brave to practice.”The foundation is not firm, the earth shakes”, the grassroots party building work is the foundation to carry out the township work, the grassroots party organization is the core in the village governance, to give full play to the leading role of the Party building, we must get rid of the virtual to the real.Young cadres should often read “books with words” and “books without words”, and truly take the grassroots as a big classroom for me to increase my knowledge, a training ground for honing talents, a whetstone for tempering style of work, through wind and rain in grassroots practice, see the world, and grow their abilities.To fight selflessness, to have “insist castle peak does not relax” tenacity.After two years in the job, FROM ignorant to better, I have gradually overcome the wrong idea that I can’t set foot in my work, and do not prepare for long-term struggle. I have become an expert from a beginner in business, and now I dare to undertake the heaviest, most difficult and tiring tasks in my work.I know very well that all of these are inseparable from their own efforts and the care of the leadership, so that I really in the experience of difficulties and dangers constantly magnify their own pattern.In the future work, I still want to carry forward the “single-minded” drive, “a strong” momentum, “to the end” tenacity, career single-minded, a heart, to look for things to persevere, to the end, both can “nail” to promote implementation, but also good at “nail” to solve the problem.With hard work, perseverance, selfless spirit to further enhance their ability and will.Want me to have no me, want to have “a leaf always close feeling” feelings.At present, the Municipal Party Committee carries out the special study and education activity of “People-oriented development thought”. This special study and education activity is a self-selected action of the city. The purpose of this special study and education activity is to thoroughly study and implement the important discussion about people-oriented, and resolutely correct the deviation of ideological understanding, work style and infringement of the interests of the masses.Let the concept of political performance return to the “people first”, let officials return to the “people’s public servants”, let the focus of work return to the “people’s expectations”, and constantly improve the happiness and satisfaction of the people.In my work as a set of cadres, to mark to watch people’s feelings, firmly established people’s position, in the people, for the “this”, “teacher” for the people, by the people as the “mirror”, adhere to the problem oriented, in accordance with the “eyes may see, ear to think of, think face to face with problems, actions to solve the problem” standards, into a line to carry out the investigation and research,Truly let the party building work has strength, depth, temperature.To enhance the sense of responsibility of “one day without doing, three days will be difficult”, maintain a sense of urgency of “slow progress is backward, not to advance is backward”, with a single-minded and diligent working state, strive to create outstanding, brilliant, outstanding first-class performance.We need to ensure that the arrangements of the central committee and the requirements of provincial, municipal, and district committees are implemented in a timely manner. We need to adopt a checklists and closed-loop working mechanism. We need to work hard, break routine rules, and take resolute action as quickly as possible.Want to have me, want to have “through the ages romantic in bear” spirit.At present, SLATE chong is in the critical period of catching up and developing and climbing up the hill. The development of SLATE Chong needs our young cadres to boost their spirits and work hard.We should give full play to the advantages of young people, dare to “beat themselves”, beyond the self, dare to break POTS and pans, fixed thinking, brave to be “the first to eat crab”.Only through exposure to the world can we strengthen our muscles and grow our talents. Only when we are exposed to “hot potatoes” and “ants on a hot pot” for several times can young cadres develop “big hearts” and “broad shoulders”.We should pursue the goal of “being the first and being the only one”. We should fight with the strongest and the fastest in everything, and strive to make ordinary work extraordinary, ordinary work characteristic and superior work excellent.Let the state of affairs rise, the benchmark stand up, the energy drum up, the ability to become stronger, the style of work become solid, with real work achievements to welcome the party’s 20th national Victory held!Li Huihui, the people’s Government of Shibanchong Township, Yu ‘an District, Lu ‘an City statement: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of conveying more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.