Emigrants, what do you come back for?

2022-09-02 0 By

This article may upset some people, but this is my personal opinion.It is said that there are about 1 million Chinese emigrating to other countries every year. As a common man who has lived in China for generations, I have never understood whether those Chinese emigrating to other countries are because they do not like China or for their own greater development.I don’t know.A British actor named Zhang Tielin said he could serve China better when he became British.I said, bullshit.British actor Zhang Tielin has this information online: Jet Li, an American citizen.Xu Qing, Japanese citizen.Fan Xu is a Canadian citizen.Wenli Jiang, us citizen.Wang Ji, American citizen.Hong Chen, an American citizen.Quiet, American citizen.Yifei Liu is an American citizen.Siqin Gaowa, Swiss citizen.Wei Wei, German citizen.Gu Changwei is an American citizen.Kaige Chen is an American citizen.Hu Bing, a Thai citizen.Nicholas Tse is a Canadian citizen.Wilber Pan is an American citizen.Lee Hom Wang is an American citizen.I don’t know if this information is true or not, but hopefully there are lots and lots of misinformation.China does not currently recognize dual citizenship, so celebrities who receive foreign passports are no longer Chinese citizens.Inside a few days ago I see such a period of video, people of all countries in the United States the oath, that’s what they say: “I’m completely give up before me to belong to any foreign prince, prince, country or sovereign citizenship and loyalty, I will support and defend the constitution and laws of the United States of America against all domestic and foreign enemies.My allegiance to the United States will be true.I will bear arms in the defense of the United States of America when the law requires it, I will render noncombatant military service to the United States of America when the law requires it, and I will perform important work for our country under the direction of government officials when the law requires it.I hereby freely swear that I have no mental handicap, excuses or reservations, and may God protect me.”It is up to everyone to choose the region and industry in which he or she wants to develop his or her life.I haven’t heard of many poor rural families emigrating to foreign countries. There is information on the Internet that most of the Chinese who are able to emigrate have accumulated some wealth, that is, those rich people who make money in China and then take the money to emigrate abroad.One of my friends said: they betray the motherland, enough bastard, no conscience.Some experts say: the introduction of property tax should start from those who emigrate abroad, because you are no longer in this country, why should you own property here?I support what the experts say.It is said that most emigrants still come back to China to continue “developing” and making money in China because they know what they are in the eyes of foreigners.Forget it, big New Year’s not to say these people unhappy things.Because there are those who betray the motherland, there must be those who have a pure heart to return to the motherland and serve the motherland.