Cure the picture book “You laugh, is good weather” part-time people must read, read you laugh!

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Today’s recommendation is a picture book, the title is “When you laugh, It’s Fine Weather”.However, this picture book is not a picture book for children, but a picture book for adults to reduce stress. Do not think that adults do not need to be cured and warm.Produced by Wuntongtianya and published by China Water and Power Publishing House, “When You Laugh, It’s A Fine Day” is a 32-page book by Yan Qi, a writer and cartoonist who has successfully created comic strips such as Miss 77 and Milk bubble milk cover.When You Laugh, It’s Fine Weather features 180 original cartoons featuring a cat.The author compares cats to people struggling in the city, and each cartoon is accompanied by a sentence.And there’s always a picture in these cartoons that we can relate to;And there is always one of those words that can strike the softest spot in our hearts.It is often said that the soul of the migrant workers, the hardships and helplessness of the migrant workers, are often not appreciated by others.The cat in the cartoon expresses the difficulties of workers: anxiety, frustration, confusion, disappointment and so on. This book is the best companion, understanding, hope, encouragement and support, which gives workers the power to move on in the lonely night.If “When You Laugh, It’s Fine Weather” is chicken soup, it’s one with a difference.Look at the caption in the cartoon: Struggle does not necessarily lead to success, but it must be very comfortable to lie flat.It’s a recipe for those who don’t struggle like salt fish.Later I knew that many people who said goodbye never saw them again.Once naive to believe that after goodbye will meet, know goodbye is no longer meet.I found that I couldn’t solve anything that I could solve with money.For poor workers, this is the worst truth of all: there is no money and no solution.Like me please raise a hand, don’t like me please review yourself.Love yourself. Always remember to be kind to yourself.If people don’t like you, that’s someone else’s business.As the pages turn, as if to meet the other self in the heart, you will read the moment, knowing smile.There are 16 stickers along with the book at present, like friends can not miss.