Bride take wedding photos show thin skills, let you immediately show 10 catties of weight

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Brides worry about not being perfect when taking wedding photos.Worried about the final wedding photos appear to be their mellow.In fact, brides don’t have to be afraid of the photographer you shot fat, as long as the master slimmer skills, immediately let you 120 into 90 catties.A body hidden meat – wedding to save want to show the exquisite curve and can hide the flesh on the body, be sure to choose the right wedding dress.Arms have worship meat bride, be sure to avoid sleeveless wedding dress, texture slightly hard one font wedding is very appropriate oh, cover arm fat, modify the effect of the shoulders.If it is the lower half of the bride can consider the A-line wedding dress.High waist design can hide waist fat, elongate the proportion of the upper body, vertical skirt design, can also highlight the body line revealed a feminine oh ~ two, face meat – makeup repair, makeup artist can help the bride has a delicate face, can also enlarge the eyes, increase the facial stereo degree!Blush, high gloss, repair, eye makeup a complete set of bride makeup down, I believe that there is no bride vision is not thin 5 catty!Three, take photos to show thin method – pose props take photos of the posture can also help the new look thin, if the legs are thick, you can put the two legs overlap each other, using the visual Angle to easily cover up.If the bride is facial flesh, you can use both hands to hold the cheek action, so that your face becomes small and delicate.Props such as a bouquet of flowers or a phone call can be used to cover up any area of the bride’s body that she feels bloated.Four, visual slimming black technology – shapewear there is a underwear is specially shaped, can cover up the excess meat, but also the bride’s chest, hip and waist lines are shaped very perfect, to help the bride achieve the perfect curve effect.Five, powerful late – the most powerful technology retouching the slimming method is the late technology, retouching tools are powerful, even if the brides have a lot of shortcomings, after the beautification of retouching software, will become very beautiful!After reading the above wedding photo shooting skills, the new people are not worried about it?Then take a good mood to shoot!