“Blessing” culture benefits the people dinner brings full blessing

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The Peking Opera concert was held at the water pavilion stage of Yi Jin Fang in Three lanes and seven lanes.Reporter Yuan Hao took a tour of fuzhou ancient house and encountered “fu” cultural activities, visiting historical and cultural blocks, Internet celebrity park, and “Fu” cultural performance.On the first day of the first lunar month, fuzhou launched the “Blessing” cultural feast to bring happiness to people and add a thick flavor of the New Year.On February 1, the reporter came to the former residence of Huang Peisong, a provincial cultural preservation unit in Shanghahang. After protection and restoration, the former residence was activated and used as the city art museum, becoming a venue for people to enjoy public cultural activities.The ancient house of the festival is covered with costumes, hung high red lanterns, Chinese knot added many blessings and happiness, the day of “flowers and flowers – Dingxi Papercut art exhibition of The Spring Festival of Renyin” attracted many citizens.The reporter saw that the exhibition of 100 pieces of Dingxi paper cutting works, full of strong local flavor, with distinct regional characteristics, there are exquisite gorgeous flower patterns in the exhibits, lifelike opera figures, various birds and animals, funny folk images, expressed dingxi people’s praise for a happy life.Best wishes for the New Year.The exhibition will be open to the public free of charge until July 27.This is one of the activities of the “Year of the Tiger, Blessed State” 2022 Fuzhou, China Spring Festival Culture and Tourism Month series.”Look!This is the character fu that I cut out!””This is my tiger!”In the second hall of the city art Museum, a group of little friends under the guidance of the famous paper-cutting expert Dong Yaping, cut out all kinds of “fu”.Wang Yiren, a citizen with a child, said: “Paper cutting is an intangible heritage project. The paper cutting exhibition we visited today and the experience activities we participated in cultivate children’s hands-on ability.”February 1 despite the continuous rain, but there are still many citizens came to sanfang seven lanes.Beijing Opera fans enjoyed themselves at the waterside pavilion in Sanfang and Qixiang on Sunday.”Listening to opera in a classical garden is a more immersive experience, great!””Said citizen Zhu Dongmei.Sanjiangkou Ecological Park, which opened last Year for National Day, is also visited by many citizens.”I have long heard that Sanjiangkou Park has a number of the most in Fuzhou, there is the largest riverside beach in Fuzhou, fuzhou Park, the largest outdoor 11-person standard football field, the Spring Festival here is a must to clock.Citizen Chen Jingyi said.In the Sanjiangkou Ecological Park on the same day, many citizens also encountered a wonderful performance of benefit people. The volunteers of mindu Culture and Art Center brought songs such as “Happiness Express”, “China in Lights”, dances such as “Jiao Comb Echo”, “Banyan City Book Echo”, as well as instrumental music performances such as “The World is blessed Land” and “Stars”.”I feel blessed to have seen the performance!”Chen Jingyi said.(Reporter Wu Hui)