1,670 Japanese enterprises are queuing up to withdraw from the Chinese market. The brand effect of the past is no longer there

2022-09-02 0 By

At the beginning of the rise of China’s manufacturing industry, most Chinese enterprises only occupied the middle and low end of the market, while many foreign enterprises, especially Japanese and Korean enterprises in China, were popular among the Chinese people. Their products were of high quality and targeted at the middle and high end groups. Some consumers even went shopping in other countries to buy products from Japanese and Korean enterprises.It’s like going to Japan to buy a toilet seat, only to find it is also made in China.Of course, consumers at this time did not realize this problem, only recognized Japan and South Korea product quality is really better than domestic.Therefore, foreign enterprises in Japan and South Korea have been very popular in China for a long time, which also gives them great confidence in the development of China, but in the past two years, the brand effect of Foreign enterprises in Japan and South Korea is no longer in China, began to withdraw, what is happening?According to data, 1,670 Japanese enterprises are queuing up to withdraw from the Chinese market, and The Japanese side has spent nearly 16 billion US dollars to relocate these failed Japanese enterprises in China.It should be noted that the number of Japanese enterprises in China is about 35,000, and the withdrawal of Japanese enterprises accounts for 10% of the total proportion. Although it is not all, the proportion of 10% is very serious.In addition, many foreign companies have withdrawn from the Chinese market. For example, E-Mart, the most famous supermarket brand in South Korea, has all withdrawn. It can be imagined that if Japanese and South Korean companies were not suffering serious losses in China, they would certainly not withdraw.Through the epidemic in the past two years, we have learned the strength of China’s manufacturing industry. It is not only one of the best countries in the world to zero epidemic prevention and control, but also able to recover the economy under such a severe situation, so that other countries are extremely dependent on China’s market.Therefore, it is not difficult to see that China’s manufacturing industry is rising strongly, especially after foreign companies boycotted Xinjiang cotton, to give the development of domestic goods, a short time will squeeze out most foreign companies also China market share.This also shows that Chinese enterprises no longer only focus on low-end products, began to high-end development, with the development of China’s manufacturing industry, it is expected that more foreign companies will withdraw from the Chinese market in the future.It seems that this will have a great impact on our market, in fact, a deep understanding of the reasons, will not help but sigh with the strength of our country.On the other hand, the withdrawal of foreign companies from the Chinese market also has a great relationship with the rise of labor costs in China. After all, the economy has been highly developed, and people’s demand for life has changed.As profits shrink, foreign firms are forced to move to cheaper places, such as South-east Asia and India.Finally, the quality of foreign products is indeed worse than before. In recent years, Japanese enterprises, in particular, have become less attractive to consumers and have been exposed by a large number of media fraud scandals, thus weakening consumers’ willingness to buy Products from Japanese enterprises.We hope that our enterprises can seize this opportunity to vigorously promote domestic products and let the world know a new China.