Yimeng pumping and storage power station ranked first in the state grid in January

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Unusual hands!Yimeng Power Station has not been fully completed and put into operation, but the commercial data of the units put into operation are among the best. In January, the average operation times of the units ranked first in State Grid.According to the production report of Xinyuan Company of State Grid, in January of the 91 pumped storage units put into operation, Yimeng Power station ranks first with 119.24 start-up times, followed by Shisanling Power Station and Taishan Power Station with 115.75 start-up times and 115.25 start-up times respectively.In addition, statistics show that the average power generation times of pumping and storage units have a large year-on-year increase, and the average pumping operation hours of each unit and the average power generation start-up times have both increased by more than 13%. These data indicate that pumped storage power stations are playing an increasingly important role in modern new energy grid.In January, the power load of Shandong power grid remained high due to the superimposed influence of winter gale period, heating period and peak power consumption, and the call frequency of pumping and storage units increased significantly.In January, the operating hours of unit 1, unit 2 and Unit 3 of Yimeng Power Station are respectively 153.644h, 109.507h and 108.753h, and the accumulative generating capacity is 855.7334 million KWH.The pumping operation hours are 153.44h, 109.91h, 109.76h, and the accumulative pumping power is 111.45513 million KWH.In February, during the Spring Festival, winter Olympics and other important periods of power protection, the unit of Yimeng Power Station operated with high intensity. It adjusted the power generation output for 9 times in half an hour, deeply participated in the power dispatching of Shandong power grid, and ensured the stable operation of Shandong power grid.As of February 24, the accumulative generating hours of the 3 units in Yimeng Power Station are 311.56h, 253.82h and 228.65h respectively, and the accumulative generating capacity is 103.94 million KWH.The accumulative pumping hours of the three units were 298.89h, 257.05h and 224.1h respectively, and the accumulative pumping power was 131.6313 million KWH.Compared with January, unit operating intensity in February showed an obvious upward trend.The reporter of Yimeng Power Station’s Upper Reservoir has learned that Shandong power grid has a large installed capacity of new energy with the operation of uHV and AC/DC hybrid connection. Meanwhile, it has also carried out the pilot of electric power spot market, and a large amount of foreign electricity has entered into shandong power grid. The absorption of new energy and inter-regional power balance have put forward high requirements for the power grid’s adjustment ability.The construction of Yimeng Power Station and the operation of 3 units are timely, which greatly improves the dispatching capacity of Shandong power grid.According to introduction, the current operation characteristics of Yimeng Power Station unit are as follows: the unit starts and stops frequently, and the load is adjusted frequently. It is mainly used to adjust the frequency of Shandong power grid, consume new energy and guarantee the balance of power flow of the connection line.Frequent night creepage phenomenon, through the night power generation for the next day to consume new energy to provide enough storage capacity;The increase in the number of unit rotations and stand-by is mainly due to the special fine requirements on the adjustment of new energy consumption. It is necessary to respond to Shandong power grid at the fastest speed with frequent conversion of working conditions.The person in charge of the operation and maintenance of the power station said that these characteristics reflect the increasingly prominent position of the pumped storage power station in the new energy grid, which is inseparable from the economic and technological advantages of the pumped storage power station, such as many working conditions, fast start-up, high reliability.It is reported that unit 4 of Yimeng Power Station is undergoing intensive commissioning and is expected to be put into commercial use by the end of March. By then, Yimeng pumped storage power station will play a greater role and make greater contributions to the economic construction of Linyi and the safe and stable operation of Shandong power grid.Linbao Rong Media reporter Li Shoulei, Correspondent Li Guanghui, Zhang Yalei, Sun Chuansen source: Langya News Editor: Xiao Min Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)