Why is the French SPAS-12 shotgun banned in the United States?

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Cloud found that the introduction of film and television series and games in the explosion of gun reading on the time, today to say that a film and television series and games in the explosion of gun, Italy’s Luigi Franchi Company (Luigi Franchi Spa production spAS-12 shotgun.The Franzy SPAS-12 shotgun is a shotgun introduced by franzy in 1979.Unlike the Remington 870 and Mossberg 590, which are both military and civilian shotguns, the SPAS-12 is aimed at the military and law enforcement, so it doesn’t come with different calibers and barrel lengths, as other shotguns do.Only 12 caliber, which is most commonly used by the military and police, has a barrel length of only 546mm (21.5 inches) and is supplied by a tubular bunker under the barrel, with a capacity of 8 rounds.The SPAS-12 is a dual-mode shotgun, which means it can operate in both air-operated semi-automatic and pump-operated modes, allowing the shooter to switch between them as needed.The shooter can fire mono and deer rounds with high chamber pressure in semi-automatic mode, with enough gas pressure to push the automaton to complete the automatic cycle, and high rate of fire in combat.The spAS-12 shotgun in semi-automatic firing has an air guide piston mounted on a barrel. The analysis of the perforated barrel in this picture shows that the piston recoil drives the barrel recoil.When firing low bore pressure rubber bullets, bag bullets and other non-lethal bullets because the gas pressure is not enough, the shooter can switch to pump mode, to ensure reliable firing.Spas-12 switch between semi-automatic and pump action is located at the bottom of the sliding guard, which is a button. When in pump mode, press the button to pull back the guard slightly, connect the guard with the piston rod, and at the same time, the pilot hole is closed, which is the pump action.Because the wood guard of the gun is not directly driving the gun, it is driving the gas piston rod, which drives the gun by the gas piston rod. There are many transmission parts, but also to overcome the elasticity of the reentry spring, so pulling the wood guard needs greater strength.If you want to switch to semi-automatic firing, just press the button at the bottom of the guard and push the guard slightly forward until it is stuck. At this time, the air vent opens, the guard and the piston rod are separated, and it always stays in front and does not sit back with the gas piston.Semi-automatic/pump action button switch for both fatal and non-fatal play, may be in store inside out lethal bomb, coincided with the need to launch non-lethal bullet, so SPAS to 12 cylinders with partition, a button at the bottom of the casing right behind casing window, at the press of a button can partition the magazine, at this time can only be cast from a single shell window loading, play one round.SPAS to 12 cylinders partition editor button out of partition design idea is very good, but in practice the law enforcement authorities generally don’t use, because a gun in the conventional fatal and non-fatal play is, after all, a safety hazard, one thousand dozen wrong can cause irreparable consequences, so many countries law enforcement will use special shotgun launch non-lethal bullet,The guns are painted brightly to avoid confusion.The officer was carrying a shotgun designed to shoot non-lethal rounds, the butt of which was painted orange.As much as possible for both different projectiles, SPAS and 12 mechanical sight design also very “multifunctional” : its mechanical sight is a big aiming hole diameter, the “ghost” sight, but aiming hole underneath there is a gap, so when using dummy play making long-range target available aiming hole under the gap with flake reticle, achieve more accurate firing;When using the shotgun, the large-diameter aperture can be directly attached to the target and shot briefly at close range.A close-up of the door of SPAS-12 with a small aperture under the large-diameter zoom SPAS-12 uses a folding stock stamped with steel plates. The most striking feature of the stock is an exaggerated curved hook.The hook is specially designed by Franzi to act as a lift handle when the butt is folded up. When the butt is opened, the hook can be rotated 90 degrees and is supported on the elbow of the shooter, allowing one-handed shooting.However, the spAS-12 shotgun is heavy and has a forward center of gravity. Even with this hook, it is difficult to control the shooting with one hand, so it is not practical. Therefore, many users buy the SPAS-12 without the exaggerated hook.In Forgotten Weapons, Ian demonstrates the use of the hook if the user does not like the folding stock, or some countries and regions limit the folding stock, there is also a fixed stock option.The spAS-12’s fixed stock is made of black fiberglass reinforced plastic and comes with a small grip, so if the fixed stock is to be replaced, the original grip must be removed along with the folding stock.The spAS-12, with its fixed stock, is placed next to the folded stock type. The SPAS-12’s manual insurance has undergone an iterative update.The earliest versions of the SPAS-12 had a large lever safety in front of the trigger guard. You could pull the lever to choose safety or fire, but the design of the safety was problematic and could misfire when turning off the safety, so an upgraded kit removed the large lever and replaced it with a cross-pin safety that slid left and right.The early version of the lever insurance and the later upgrade kit replaced the lever with a horizontal pin. As mentioned earlier, the SPAS-12 shotgun was originally developed for the military and police market, and it did sell to the military and police in some countries, but The French company also wanted to enter the civilian gun market in the United States.To do this, the SPAS-12 had to be made as much less military as possible and more like a civilian gun, and one of the measures taken was to disguise the name in translation.The SPAS of THE SPAS-12 originally stood for “Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun,” and when it entered the U.S. market in 1998,”Semi-auto/Pump Automatic Shotgun”;In order to further emphasize that the gun is for civilian sports purposes, it was changed to “Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun” to minimize the military color.But the SPAS-12 is too military, wild in appearance, with vicious holes all over the barrel guard and folding stock, which definitely fits the “evil character”, and is semi-automatic with powerful firepower, so it is not a civilian gun by any means.That’s why, in the mid-1990s, the ATF designated them as “destructive devices” (explosive weapons, military grenade launchers, guns larger than 0.5 inches in caliber that clearly aren’t sport hunting weapons, and all sorts of imported guns that clearly aren’t civilian weapons),Private sales of the new SPAS-12 were banned in the United States, where some spAS-12 imports had become collectibles due to limited quantities.Wild looking, full of evil holes, and posing as a sport hunting weapon?The SPAS-12 shotgun was banned in the United States because of its evil and wild appearance, but it has made a lot of appearances in movies, TV shows and video games because of its evil and wild appearance.For example, in The Terminator, the robot played by the Governor is armed with AR-18 and SPAS-12 and opens up a police station, shooting one child at a time.In the lobby shoot-out scene in the 1999 film The Matrix, the hero and heroine drive in and out of a hail of bullets fired by soldiers, stopping hundreds of them, and taking over an SPAS-12.The SpAS-12 was also used by Robert Muldoon and Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park, where Dr. Grant’s spAS-12 jammed while trying to drive the raptor away and was left on the ground. The movie featured the gun.The spAS-12 stuck on the ground in Jurassic Park, with the large lever safety in front of the trigger guard, is an early version of the SPAS-12.As for video games with SPAS-12, there are many more. Call of Duty, Max Payne, Rainbow Six, Battlefield 2042…Spas-12 has appeared in almost every shooter game set in modern warfare.Because spAS-12 is so evil in appearance, and the semi-automatic/pump switch is so complex that it is not needed in home defense or shooting competitions, and the perforated barrel only adds a lot of weight, Franzier also introduced a semi-automatic shotgun called law-12, which is much more gentle in appearance.The evil hole-filled barrel guard was removed, made lighter, the folding stock was changed to a fixed stock, and most importantly the semi-automatic/pump switch was removed, making the LAW-12 a pure semi-automatic shotgun, so the LAW-12 can be seen as a streamlined version of the SPAS-12.In general, the Franzy SPAS-12 is not a perfect shotgun. Although it looks great and the semi-automatic/pump switch function is cool, the gun is too heavy and complex, and some functions are not necessary in actual combat. Therefore, the SPAS-12 has more fire in the second element, although it is used in real life.But not widely.