Traffic accident pulls out illegal king 67 illegal record to record 348 minutes

2022-09-01 0 By

At 7:10 on January 24, Yongzhou Xintian, Huang mou ci driving Yue SY4**X car line to east Creek Street and road intersection before the house, and tang Mou Lin driving car collision, causing two damaged traffic accident.After investigation, the driver Huang Mou ci did not obtain a motor vehicle driving license. The registration time of the Yue SY4**X car he drove was February 3, 2015, and its annual inspection had expired in February 2017, after which the car did not carry out safety technical inspection.In addition, the car is not insured third party compulsory insurance, illegal modification and other illegal.At the time of the accident, 67 traffic violations had not been dealt with under the car’s name, 54 of which were for running red lights, with a total of 348 points and a fine of 11,950 yuan.Xintian traffic police according to law to Huang Mou ci made a fine of 3300 yuan temporarily detained motor vehicle decision because the car has reached the mandatory scrapping standard Xintian traffic police will be on the car for mandatory scrapping processing review