The first Snapdragon 8 game mobile phone file!New phone or new song?

2022-09-01 0 By

On February 8, Red Devils mobile game announced in their official blog that they will hold a red Devils concert and new product conference at 15:00 on February 17, and release the latest annual flagship – Red Devils 7 mobile game.We can clearly see the theme and time of the press conference from the official release of the fixed poster. In addition, the six characters of “Super dimension, 7 God outfit” are particularly prominent, indicating that in addition to the 7 God outfit plus red Devils 7 game mobile phone, Red Devil Queen Mora will also give a wonderful super dimension concert for the audience.Previously, the Red Devils official has revealed that the Red Devils 7 will bring 4 industry debut, but did not specify which 4 black technology, but a named “please answer, the Red Devils prophet” lottery, what is the red Devils Mora debut show debut surprise?What will be the biggest features of red Devils 7?Look forward to!All the answers will be revealed in the “Red Devils concert and Red Devils 7 series launch” at 15:00 on February 17, interested friends, do not miss it!Stay tuned to PConline for more information.