Textile boss 20 years of hard work: Shaoxing printing and dyeing enterprises need to overcome this hurdle

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It is cold and rainy in the spring season, but what the reporter saw in the Binhai Industrial zone of Shaoxing was a hot scene of trucks passing by on the road, people coming and going at the gate of the factory and machines in the workshop running busily.Walking into Zhejiang Yuexin Printing and Dyeing Co., LTD., located in North 11th Road, every visitor’s eyes will be attracted by the data center on the first floor of the company’s administration building:Blue big screen covers the whole front wall, partition block display screen, order scheduling, order progress, order structure, performance analysis and other indicators, the operation of the front workshop, dyeing workshop, finalize the workshop, dyeing, finalize the machine cylinder process monitoring, production operation, cost control, order delivery date……Strings of data flickered as feng Jiahao, the process supervisor on duty, and Yu Yuee, the quality supervisor, stared at the screen and made notes in the duty book.The reporter noticed that on another wall of the data center, “Digital makes the enterprise better” was written in large characters, and the data displayed on the big blue screen in real time seemed to be interpreting this.Pu Jianfeng, chairman and general manager of the company, said proudly, “This is our ‘intelligent brain’ and ‘digital wing’. Through one data after another, we can see at a glance the order composition, production schedule, process quality, cost control, inventory and logistics of the company.”Yuexin printing and dyeing company covers an area of nearly one hundred acres, has 5 branches, more than 1100 employees of the enterprise, to process printing and dyeing various fabrics as the main business.Last year, the company overcame difficulties caused by the combination of factors such as the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, large fluctuations in the prices of means of production and orderly electricity consumption, with a growth rate of nearly 10% and an output value of more than 500 million yuan.Pu Jianfeng, chairman of the board and general manager of the company, is full of emotion for this performance.He said that after working in the printing and dyeing industry for more than 20 years, he felt that the traditional industry can only be truly upgraded through technology, and from the perspective of the development trend, it is the digital transformation that needs to be overcome.Yuexin Printing and Dyeing Co., LTD., one of the provincial high-tech enterprises earlier, moved to binhai from anchang, an ancient town in 2018. At the same time, it implemented large-scale technical transformation and introduced a series of domestic advanced equipment, achieving leapfrog development.Over the years, the company adhere to the “innovation, quality, service, responsibility” business philosophy, constantly research and development of high value-added products, provide integrity and quality services, customers “return” high, won a good reputation in the market.The clean production environment, free accommodation with supporting facilities, standardized social security and generous performance incentives greatly enhance the loyalty of employees, and the company’s technical backbone and skilled operators remain stable.’There’s no doubt that you need profit to run a business, but it’s not the only or ultimate pursuit,’ Mr. Pu said.”In recent years, I have been thinking: where is the future of printing and dyeing enterprise upgrading?Or what should the future printing and dyeing enterprise look like?Should the goal of enterprise development be more reflected in leading technology and industry, creating value for society, contributing tax revenue to the country, and providing a platform for common prosperity for employees?”Pu Jianfeng, a deputy to the People’s Congress of Keqiao District, said: “To be a person who thinks about printing and dyeing is my self-motivation and I hope to make a difference.”It is based on such thinking, in keqiao textile printing and dyeing industrial cluster, Yuexin Printing and dyeing company implemented “digital engineering” earlier.Since 2020, Pu jianfeng has put a considerable amount of energy on the digital transformation of the company, with more than 20 million yuan of r&d funds invested in “digital printing and dyeing” every year.On January 26 this year, keqiao District printing and dyeing enterprise transformation and upgrading work leading group office released the 2021 annual printing and dyeing enterprise region-wide renovation and upgrading inspection results, yue Xin Printing and dyeing company comprehensive score of 130.24 points, ranked the second in the region.In this regard, Pu jianfeng said: “although the process has been stable, quality assurance, production efficiency, cost control and other aspects of the taste of digital sweet, but this is only the new printing and dyeing digital version 1.0, in the future we will strive to 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 upgrade.”