Surprise!This year, CCTV will do the Spring Festival Gala in Chinese costume, which is no longer a hot topic of “Chinese and Western combination”.

2022-09-01 0 By

The Spring Festival is about a week away. I believe many people are looking forward to this year’s Spring Festival Gala.Do you still remember last year’s Spring Festival Gala that hot eyes “landscape neon dress” national style runway show?While all of us are waiting to see what new CCTV jokes are going to make, they’re wearing proper Hanfu for the show!This year, CCTV specially organized a Hanfu Spring Festival Gala, and many CCTV hosts and national style experts, such as Ju Ping and Zhang Xiaolong, dressed in colorful Hanfu, showing the great power style of the ancient poem “nine days 阊阖 palace, royal dress and royal dress of all nations”!This Hanfu Spring Festival gala a row will detonate the entire network, countless Chinese style fans eagerly look forward to!CCTV, as the most influential mainstream media in China, used to broadcast programs of uneven quality and poor reputation.This year, IN the Spring Festival, the most solemn traditional festival in China, CCTV can listen to the voice of the public and shoulder the responsibility of promoting excellent traditional culture. In such an era of instantaneous change, more people understand and love Hanfu, so that the new trend of the new country is more powerful, so that the return of excellent traditional culture from the trend is a definite conclusion!This is what people look forward to in the hearts of CCTV, let us look forward to this year’s Hanfu Spring Festival Gala!If you also like the national wind, then pay attention to me, I will take you to enjoy more wonderful national wind information.