Seek happiness inwards, not outwards

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The fetus is six months old, weighing 129 catties today, the last weight was 124 catties, this period of time is a little longer, took a B-ultrasound, the fetus is well developed, now the blood pressure is quite normal, this period of time or can be maintained, I will continue to work hard to maintain better.This is the space I wrote when I was six months pregnant with my little girl.When people are pregnant, they should know how to love themselves, not always expect others to care about you, love you, if you always expect others to care about you, love you, if you meet a good husband or husband that is a good thing, if not, you will not be very disappointed?So happiness is to seek inward, not outward, a man who knows how to love himself, he is happy all the time.When I was pregnant, no one cared about me, but I know how to take care of myself, love myself, so I am happy every day, my state of mind is good!Even if my husband only gives me 1000 yuan a month, I am not sad, I am happy every day, I am fine, and the baby in my belly is well maintained.When I was pregnant, I went to the hospital without anyone to go with me.Their cognition is limited, but also always say that I should not always go to the hospital examination, as if the money spent, uncomfortable, I spend my own money, how?He only gave me a thousand dollars a month, so I ignored them and did things my way. I took good care of myself and my baby.If one day, you learned to seek happiness inward, you will live more and more happy, learn to love yourself, learn to rely on yourself, because in this world, you will not let yourself down, do not think of happiness to seek outside, the more like the happiness to seek outside, he is the more rare happiness.Happiness inward, live a happy life, and then learn to pay more, to give others more happiness, this time you will be happier.