Search for Zhoukou ‘fisherman’ Follow-up: A fisherman keen to rescue a drowning child was found

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Top news · Dahe Daily reporter Yu Yang, Li Yukun, intern Guo Lei (enthusiastic fishermen Li Baoxin and Zhao Hui who cast nets to save people) On February 2, Dahe Daily • Yu video client with “Looking for” fishermen!On New Year’s Day, zhoukou three boys fell into the water, thanks to the fishermen to save “the title, reported zhoukou city three boys fell into the water, happened to be nearby cast nets to see, and eager to rescue things.On the afternoon of February 3, a warm-hearted Internet user called the video reporter of Dahe Daily yu, saying that the “fishermen” had been found. Li Baoxin and Zhao Hui directly cast nets to rescue the fishermen, and two other fishermen qian Guomin and Li Baoming also participated in the rescue.At 3:30 p.m. on February 3, dahe Daily video reporter Yu saw the above four fishermen at the place where the boy fell.According to the introduction, they are shaying river bank old door old household Zhoukou people, people older generations by punting fishing for a living.Before the incident, several people were carrying fishing nets to the bank of shaying River cast nets, wash nets.”Now is the fishing season, not to fish, but because we can cast nets, a few days before the Spring Festival to help the nearby artificial fish ponds, so the day is fine, and the first day of the New Year, the weather is sunny, we washed nets in the river, on the shore.”Fisherman Li Baoming said.Qian Guomin, 69, was the first to spot someone falling into the water at 3:30 PM on New Year’s Day.”I’ll call Zhao Hui and Li Baoxin. Stop casting your net and go to the rescue.”Qian Guomin said, because the location of the incident is very close to zhoukou sluice, and the sluice gate opened 4 holes that day, the water is very fast, the formation of reverse flow vortex, wrapped in the drowning of the 3 children to the sluice gate counter current.Among the three children, the oldest is fifteen or sixteen, the middle is twelve or thirteen, and the youngest is about ten.Zhao Hui took the lead in running to the drowning child, threw the net into the water and shouted for the child to catch the net.”The oldest one grabbed my net and I pulled him out, and then Mr. Li (Bao Xin) put the net in the water.”Kevinbales said.And Li Baoxin recalled to the reporter, in fact, before the incident he found the children playing in the water, had been scolded by him to leave.After a while, the boys came back to the river and fell in.”When I put the net in, the boy of twelve or thirteen grabbed the net. The youngest boy was choking and nearly unconscious. He was holding on to the legs of the boy of twelve or thirteen.With the help of Qian Guomin and Li Baoming, we finally pulled the two children out.”Li Baoxin said.Three children were rescued after the shore, except the youngest child choking water appeared to walk unsteadily, the other two children are fine.Later, qian guomin several people pat back, control the water, water choking children can also walk on their own.”There must be an old man in his 70s on the bank looking after three children.After being rescued, the old man left with his three children.””The fisherman recalled.As an old fisherman on the bank of shaying River in Zhoukou, they were almost used to saving people’s lives.”How many people are saved every year? Some adults, some children, and some deliberately jump into the river.Last May, I rescued two women washing clothes from slipping into the river.So we thought it was ok to help, just to help, and we never thought about asking for anything.”Fisherman Li Baoxin said.