Peng ‘an County safety production Commission office to the county people a safety open letter

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Peng anxian county of production safety committee office open letter to the county people’s safety The county to the people: the coming Spring Festival, Lantern Festival approaching, in this happy and auspicious days, all kinds of festival, folk custom activity increased, the stream of people, logistics, traffic concentration, with increased frequency of fire, electricity, gas, more factors, safety risk.Here, the county security commission office reminds: life first, safety first, please consciously improve safety awareness, timely eliminate side safety risks, jointly create a good safety environment, to create peace peng ‘an County safety production Commission office to the people of the county a safety open letter.First, fire safety: cold weather in winter is the frequent period of small fire deaths and carbon monoxide poisoning, so it is particularly critical to strengthen the prevention of the source.First, strengthen the investigation of fire hazards, before sleeping and going out, we must check whether the power supply, air source and fire source are closed.Second, the electric vehicle charging should be parked in a safe place, is strictly prohibited in the indoor, corridor, evacuation channel parking or charging, strict control of charging time, to prevent charging time is too long, resulting in short circuit fire and other accidents.Three is to keep the fire engine channel, evacuation channel and safety exit unblocked, is strictly prohibited in the corridor, stairs, safety exit stacking debris, set up obstacles, is strictly prohibited to lock the safety exit.Four is the use of charcoal heating should be away from beds, curtains and other combustible, and keep the doors and Windows ventilated, to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.Two, electricity safety: first, the standard installation of electrical lines, it is strictly prohibited to privately pull disorderly connection, to regularly check the electrical lines, timely replacement of damaged insulation layer, aging lines.Two is the correct use of electrical equipment, the use of the process to avoid a long time to electrify, heaters and other electric heating appliances in use should keep a safe distance from combustible, so that “people off”.Three is the use of alcohol and other disinfection products at home, do not spray sockets, switches, electrical appliances and other equipment with a point, to prevent the occurrence of short circuit circuit fire or electric shock danger.Three, gas safety: first, the use of gas cooker should often check the valve and pipeline, to prevent flammable gas leakage, do not use gas cooker for a long time, to close the main valve or cylinder Angle valve.Second, strengthen the management of the use of gas sources. LPG cylinders should be prevented from colliding and striking hard objects, and should not be close to fire and heat sources. Cylinders should not be dumped or used upside down.Third, the production and operation units such as restaurants that use gas shall install combustible gas alarm devices.Four, forest fire safety: first, do not throw cigarette butts in the field, burn hornets’ nest, fire for heating, burning fields, burning straw, to strengthen the education and management of special groups, good supervision of children and people with intellectual disabilities do not play with fire;Second, promote civilized sacrifice, do not burn tombs, do not burn paper money, do not light candles, do not set off fireworks and firecrackers.Those who cause forest fires in violation of regulations will be severely punished;If the circumstances are serious, they will be investigated for criminal responsibility.Five, traffic safety: one is the winter, the road is slippery, fog in the morning and evening, drivers should drive carefully, slow down, not overload, not speeding, not overmanned, not drunk driving, not tired driving;Second, passenger vehicles to pay close attention to the road traffic conditions, the road condition can not reach the prevailing conditions of the line, the stop resolutely stop the shift, must not take any chances.Third, the majority of passengers do not take “three no” vehicles and boats, take public transport, is prohibited to carry gasoline, diesel, alcohol, fireworks and other flammable and explosive dangerous goods, once a fire, please use a safety hammer or hard objects to break the window glass, orderly escape.Commonly used alarm phone: public security alarm phone 110, fire alarm 119, forest fire alarm 12119, emergency center 120, highway alarm 12122, county government service convenience hotline 12345, State grid customer service 95598.In the Spring Festival, I wish the whole county a happy family, peace and health, and the Year of the Tiger!Your safety is the greatest wealth of the society. Let us take action together, attach importance to safety, publicize security, protect security, and join hands to create a safe, beautiful and prosperous happy home!Peng ‘an County Work Safety Commission Office January 31, 2022