Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: more stringent measures to solve the problem of unpaid wages for migrant workers

2022-09-01 0 By

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security held a meeting on Wednesday to coordinate the progress of the campaign to eradicate wage arreages in various regions.The meeting stressed that in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, we will further deepen the work of eradicating wage arrears, and ensure that our thinking is not slack, our actions are not compromised, our demands are not lowered, and our efforts are not weakened. We will take stronger measures to solve the problem of unpaid wages of rural migrant workers and effectively protect their legitimate rights and interests.The meeting called for constant improvement of political positions, redoubled efforts to tighten and consolidate responsibilities, refocused efforts on classified and special projects, intensified efforts on emergency response, and deepened efforts to solve new situations and problems.Local governments should make all-out efforts to eradicate wage arrears, ensure greater results, and make new contributions to ensuring and improving people’s livelihood, building harmonious labor relations, and maintaining overall social stability.(Xinhua)