Li Xiaorong: How do women choose jobs and start businesses after the age of 30?Why is it a new track

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Thirty is an awkward age to be a woman.This embarrassment stems from how to choose a career, employment, entrepreneurship.Many women may have completed a trilogy of love, marriage and children by the age of 30.There are also many women, once elite working women, who stay at home to have children.Once women return to the family, they are easy to recall the glory of the past career, and it is easy to cause inferiority and sense of loss.30 is the perfect age to be a woman, but it’s also the most insecure age.As the mother of a 32-and-a-half-year-old, I know it’s not easy being a 30-plus woman as a product manager: I got married at 27, wanted kids at 28, started looking for projects at 29.I can no longer work as a 997 product manager due to childbearing age.During that time, I spent almost all my spare time looking for new projects, and the organizing and storage industry was the new project I explored.In 2018, there are few people doing organizing, but demand is high.With the increase of people’s income and the increase of the demand for buying, many families began to have the need for sorting and storage.I remember when I was just starting out in the business, I literally went from client to client with a organizing box.At that time, I was miserable every day, and my partner didn’t understand why I had to feel bad about myself when I had a well-paid job as a organizer and product manager.Only I know that for women who are about to be 30 years old, they must increase their leverage. Even if they get married and have children, they should also have their own skills and income sources, which can promote the friendly relationship between husband and wife and set a good example for their children.Because of this, I began to study sorting and storage, and how to better serve customers.At the age of 30, I was pregnant, but I was still working as a collation and storage division. My partner Huang Ning also suddenly found that collation and storage was a new track, which could be sustainable.So we started to work from home and set up the untidy collection studio, which ushered in our first batch of stay-at-home mother students and also ushered in the trust of one customer after another.With the increase of our turnover business, we started to register turnover collection technology company, and made our business process more mature with office-oriented operations.From the first employee recruited since the establishment to the current 10 employees, I am very aware of how much I have paid, and I am very grateful for the support of all customers and students.Now don’t mess with thousands of clients, arrange for thousands of students to receive training, with hundreds of companies did receive project cooperation, has nearly 20 partners across the country, including us and home economics association of hangzhou, and hangzhou city women’s federation also has a lot of about finishing to receive training and service, simultaneously not disorderly also to arrange to receive community service,Care for more elderly people.32 children less than 1 year old, I from the people to become entrepreneurs as entrepreneurs over the age of 30, I cross the way many pit, also walked a lot of detours, but I always believe that women still have a fighting spirit, 30, and combat effectiveness, a woman is not because older out of the workplace and the market, but in different ages have different life planning to do for myself,The reason why I choose the packing and storage industry as the main track is that the packing and storage industry not only has a broad future, but also is the fastest rising channel for women to change industries and jobs.Arrange to receive need is not only logical thinking more flexible ability, to receive a teacher not only can be part-time or full-time to entrepreneurship, just started, the industry as a whole receive need more professionals, professional finishing receive t hard to recruit and pay well, so if you are 30 years old, was lost to the workplace, I suggest you to arrange to receive industry to have a look,You’ll find it easy to live your life in a different way.