Kaiyang fire actively carry out “bright screen action” to make fire safety knowledge popular

2022-09-01 0 By

In order to effectively do a good job during the Lantern Festival fire safety publicity and education work, improve the national awareness of fire safety, in recent days, Guizhou Kaiyang County fire rescue brigade actively launched the area of social units, make full use of the area of outdoor large screens, cinema screens broadcast fire service advertisements, safety reminders and other propaganda content.During the Lantern Festival, fire protection public service advertisements, safety reminders and other propaganda contents radiate the TV starting screen of more than 300,000 users, 2 cinemas and more than 200 outdoor large screens, LED screens and building screens in the area.The brigade actively cooperated with the county Rong Media Center to broadcast the latest public service advertisements of fire safety on TV and radio programs in different time periods to popularize family fire prevention and control knowledge.And in the large, small enterprises, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, tourist attractions and other places of the LED screen, outdoor large screen, building TV continuously rolling broadcast public interest video, the formation of socialized three-dimensional publicity, so that the masses in the imperceptively receive fire safety education.At the same time, before the movie starts in cinemas, the fire safety knowledge played on the screen is intuitive and eye-catching, and the audience can also learn safety knowledge such as escape and self-rescue during leisure and entertainment.In the next step, kaiyang County fire rescue brigade will continue to strengthen the publicity of public interest advertising on fire fighting based on the characteristics of spring fire and lessons learned from the “small fire fatalities” fire accident, carry out extensive social publicity and education activities, improve the awareness of fire safety and self-prevention and self-rescue ability, so that fire safety knowledge will be deeply rooted in people’s hearts.Contributed by: Kaiyang County Fire rescue Brigade Editor: Zhang Xiaoqi