Hebei students have broken the “new double First-class” list with 147 universities on it

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A university is an organization with unique functions for students to receive higher education, which cultivates generations of leaders.Students enter the university through the competition of the college entrance examination, in fact, as a benign competition, has started long ago, and finally use the way of the college entrance examination to test their learning results.Without effort and action, you can’t get good grades. After all, grades don’t lie. If students work hard enough, everyone will be happy in the end.Like students, there is fierce competition among many universities in China. In order to attract more high-quality students, universities compete with each other, hoping to win the favor of students through their own strength.In the past, the strength of a university was evaluated by whether it had “985” or “211” in front of it. In 2017, a new term to measure the comprehensive strength of a university emerged, that is, “double First-class”. In the first round of evaluation, 42 universities were selected.The “double First-class” university evaluation is conducted every five years. In the blink of an eye, it has already arrived in 2022. So let’s take a look at the second round of “double first-class” university evaluation, which new members will join?”New double first-class” list, list, 147 universities in hebei province to crop failures as shown in the figure below, on February 14, 2022, on the same day, “new double first-class” list out, including a total of 147 university list, some colleges and universities in before everyone had expected, and, of course, there are some colleges and universities can list is unexpected.The list of “new double First-class” universities covers 31 provinces, including the economically underdeveloped central and western regions.Of course, economically developed cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have significantly more universities on the list, such as Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Guangzhou Medical University, Xiangtan University and so on.Xiangtan University is expected to be listed this time. Although it failed to be listed in 2017, xiangtan University has been regarded as a well-known university in China and an ideal university in the hearts of countless students. Xiangtan University finally gave full play to its real strength and became a worthy double-first-class university.For this evaluation, a few happy a few sad, Hebei province became the most miserable province, the grain did not receive, Hebei students have broken the defense.Hebei province’s educational resources are very good, the most famous is not the university, but hengshui Middle School, every year can cultivate hundreds of famous students, Hebei province’s college entrance examination scores are much higher than other provinces.In terms of higher education, Hebei province really needs to do more. In the first round of the evaluation, the number of double first-class universities in Hebei province “fell to zero”. Five years later, the situation has not changed, and both Yanshan University and Hebei University failed to get the double first-class evaluation.Analysis of the universities participating in the competition, not only the strength of the collision, but also to highlight their own advantages and strength, to attract more excellent students to register for the examination, and many students in the examination, will see whether they fill in the colleges have 985, 211 or double first-class label.To some extent, whether it can be selected as the “double First-class” can indeed reflect the comprehensive strength and discipline strength of the university, which can also provide a reference for students to have the goal and direction of their efforts.No student does not want to be admitted to a famous school, but the distance between students and famous schools, the difference is strength, the first to pass the college entrance examination this checkpoint.Apart from those who are recommended for admission or who participate in special enrollment plans, the vast majority of students are admitted to universities based on their gaokao scores. Therefore, if students want to be admitted to better universities, they should focus on their daily life and strive for good scores in the gaokao.In this way, in the later college entrance examination, students will have more choice space. Double-first-class students are more inclined to discipline competition, so when applying for an examination, students should look at the discipline strength of the college they are interested in, rather than pay too much attention to the reputation of the college.In a word, all this is presupposed to students have a good score in the college entrance examination, so it is urgent for students to improve their own scores.In the end, the reason why universities compete for the title of “Double First-class” is also meaningful. If they are successfully selected, they can provide students with better resources and environment, attract better teachers, and students can have a better platform after graduation.Therefore, to win the title of “double First-class” is not only good for the development of colleges and universities, but also for the development of students. The results of this evaluation of “double First-class” in Hebei Province are not ideal, but I hope hebei province will not be discouraged, and strive to stand out in the next round of evaluation and achieve a reversal.From the list of “New Double First-class”, we can see that universities have made great efforts in recent years to improve their own strength, but also to provide students with a clearer direction of efforts.Topic discussion: Which universities in Hebei province have the strength to be listed in “Double First-class”?(The above pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete) Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Xu Xiao mother said education