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Drive to the National Ski Jumping Center at sunset, through the mountains, a sunlit summit circle appears on the peak, then the S-shaped silver track and a spacious soccer field at the bottom come into view.This is the National Ski Jumping Center, one of the iconic venues of The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics that has been in the spotlight since its design, like a hinge tucked into a mountain range.The summit Club is an 8-minute drive up the winding mountain road.On the summit club, the current is the platform, the distance is the mountains, standing here can be a magnificent view of the ancient poplar stadium group.From design to construction, wind protection has always been one of the main goals of “Xueruyi” design team.”Xueruyi” is different from other foreign venues built on the mountain, but in the valley, from the aerial view of “Xueruyi” seems to be wrapped by the mountain on both sides.Wang Jingxian, facilities manager of the National Ski Jumping Center, said, “The mountain where the National Ski Jumping Center is located is a good natural barrier to block the dominant wind from the northwest in winter, greatly reducing the interference of natural wind when the ski jumpers take off and fly from the site.”In addition to taking advantage of natural barriers to shelter from the wind, “Xueruyi” design team has also made full efforts to “control” the wind.In order to block the unpredictable wind, recommended by the International Snow Federation, the design team invited Austrian experts in the field of windbreak net to develop a windbreak plan for Snow Ruyi.After mathematical model analysis, the team simulated the wind environment of xueruyi, and finally set up five pillars on the top of the mountain on the south side of the platform to install and fix the windbreak net.Snow Ruyi’s two courses were also switched, making the big jumps a wind barrier for standard jumps.The advantages of natural barriers combined with the effective wind protection net can reduce the wind speed to less than 2 meters per second during the competition, providing favorable competition conditions for athletes.The national Ski Jumping Center is illuminated by lights.Xinhua News Agency for the figure of the rhyme in addition to the “yu” s ecological aspect perfectly, in the process of the construction of venues, “snow ruyi” is always following the 2022 Beijing Olympic green, sharing, open, non-corrupt do the idea, as one of the iconic venues, “satisfied” snow did ecological priority, resource saving and environment friendly.Most of the ski jumping venues abroad are built on top of ridges, piled with earth.Xueruyi, on the other hand, uses 136 piles to build concrete slides.Although this increases the difficulty of construction, but effectively reduce the excavation and destruction of the mountain.The construction team used a relatively new engineering technique to build the concrete slide — the plug-in engineering technique.Dai Yan, sustainable manager of the Ancient Poplar Pavilion Group, said the technique involves first driving piles on top of the mountain and then building a track on top of the piles.This not only relies on the mountain shape and not a lot of damage to the mountain, just embed some columns in the mountain.In this way, on the one hand, the loss of human, material and financial resources in the operation is reduced; on the other hand, the mountain is protected on the premise of meeting the needs of the event, and the sustainable protection of the environment and ecology is realized.In addition, “Xueruyi” in the construction process also through “Guibin reconstruction” technology to optimize the local ecology.The technique involves dividing the mountain into grids, filling them with excess soil and gravel from stadium construction, and eventually planting vegetation adapted to the local climate.”Through ‘gabion reengineering’ can form a piece of grass net, the green plants will cover the whole mountain, to achieve the goal of ecological optimization.”Wang Jingxian said.■ Snowmaking Road National Ski Jumping Center started construction in May 2018. After completion, it is the first ski jumping venue in China that meets international standards and the first ski jumping venue in the world with a large cantilevered building on top of the platform.Once the stadium is completed, snow-making to Olympic standards is on the agenda.On November 7, 2021, the National Ski Jumping Center started snowmaking on the track.”Our snow-making job is to see the stars at both ends, working nonstop from early morning to early morning.”The speaker is Wei Qinghua, the mountain area operation manager of ancient Poplar Pavilion, responsible for snow making, snow pressing, ice making, ice cutting, safety protection, venue setting and other work.The key to snow making is to ensure the quality and amount of snow on the continental slope.”It has to be 45 centimetres thick, it has to be evenly spread across the surface, and there has to be a fine control of the moisture in the snow throughout the process.””The snow on the landing slope is divided into basic, middle and surface layers, and each layer has different requirements for snow, so our work needs to ensure that the amount of snow on the whole landing slope meets the standard,” Wei explained.Although the snow making work of “Xueruyi” has encountered many challenges, the snow making team of “Xueruyi” has made full use of existing advantages to overcome technical difficulties and is confident in completing the snow making task.From December 4 to 5, 2021, “Snow Ruyi” will welcome the test event — “Meet me in Beijing” 2021-2022 IAF Ski Jumping Intercontinental Cup and Nordic Combined Intercontinental Cup competitions.In the two – day competition, the international talent all appeared.Germany’s Maria Vogt, who won the first gold medal in women’s ski jumping at the Winter Olympics, praised Xue Ruyi. “The venue is in very good condition and I look forward to coming back here soon to compete in the Winter Olympics,” she said.Walter Hofer, former director of ski jumping competitions at the International Snow Federation and a well-known ski jumper who was also at Snow Ruyi during the test event, said the event had achieved its intended purpose: “It showed that transport, accommodation, event organization and quarantine were all in place.”As a permanent competition venue, Xue Ruyi will also be fully utilized in the post-Olympic era. It will continue to host international and domestic high-level ski jumping competitions.In addition, “Xueruyi” will also integrate into the masses, and become a new landmark of Zhangjiakou integrating functions of conference and exhibition, tourism, music festival, and mass entertainment activities.Please pay attention to the winter Olympics magazine for more content.Copyright notice: All rights reserved by Beijing News Group.