Audi car keys how to change the battery?

2022-09-01 0 By

How do audi keys change batteries?Surely this is a problem that many Audi owners are confused about. Today, xiaobian will give you a brief introduction, hoping to help you.First, we pick up the key, find the button on the back of the key, and press it to take out the mechanical key.At this time, you can see the internal structure of the parts that have been pulled out. There are buckles on both sides. At the same time, press the buckles on both sides and you can pull out the battery cell.Battery core pulling out, you can see there is a button on the battery core of battery, this is the old battery is power off, the old battery, then put on a new battery, pay attention to don’t put the wrong battery, put wrong will cause the car keys cannot be used, then we will be prepared after the battery pack good battery core inside electronic key again,The car keys are working again.Conclusion In fact, there is a warning in the car key when the battery is about to run out. The most direct reflection is that the range of remote door opening is smaller than before. In the past, it might be possible to open the lock from 6-7 meters away from the car, but now it must be close to the door.Then replace the battery in order to reduce the user frequency, small make up recommend now pass thrown capacity of battery capacity more button battery, the battery in practical applications, the button battery is more durable than normal, increase the battery life of car keys, let users to reduce batteries and produce a series of worry, so also is to bring the user a better user experience.