Traffic police remind you: fatigue driving should not

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At about 9:45 a.m. on January 28, 2022, Dongguan Traffic Police Changping Brigade received a public alarm: a black car passing through Xingfu Road, Shuxin Village, Changping Town, suddenly deviated and drove on the sidewalk, causing damage to the roadside guardrail.Dongguan traffic police Changping brigade on duty police immediately rushed to the scene, the scene of the accident can be seen, a black car opened on the sidewalk, the front seriously damaged.The guardrail on the sidewalk was deformed by the impact of the car, and some of the guardrail was completely damaged.It is understood that due to lack of sleep, the driver was sleepy when driving, snoring, unconscious.It wasn’t until he felt a huge impact that the driver woke up and found himself on the pavement.The accident did not cause casualties, at present, the case is still in further processing.Dongguan traffic police remind: when the driver is tired, there will be blurred vision, waist sour back pain, inflexible action, slow reaction, mental laxity, anxiety, impatience and other phenomena.If you continue to drive reluctantly, it may lead to traffic accidents.As the Spring Festival is approaching, please plan your travel routes reasonably and travel in different peaks. Don’t be tired.It refers to the phenomenon that driving skills decline objectively after driving continuously for a long time, resulting in physiological and psychological dysfunction.Drivers sleep quality is poor or insufficient, driving for a long time, easy to appear fatigue.Driving fatigue can affect driver’s attention, feeling, perception, thinking, judgment, will, decision and movement.2, how long is driving fatigue driving?Article 62 of the Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law clearly stipulates that continuously driving a motor vehicle for more than 4 hours without stopping for rest or stopping for rest for less than 20 minutes.3, the harm of fatigue driving!Studies have shown that when drivers are tired, their judgment is impaired, their reflexes slow and their operating errors increase.When the driver is in slight fatigue, the shift is not timely and uncertain. When the driver is in moderate fatigue, the operation is sluggish and sometimes even forgets to control the steering wheel.When the driver is in severe fatigue, he or she will often operate subconsciously or sleep for a short time. In serious cases, he or she will lose the ability to control the vehicle.