“The world” the first 6 sets of a lens, Song Jia propaganda year of the tiger to see, the new play will cooperate with Feng Xiaogang

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China Central Television (CCTV) opened its New Year’s TV series, “The World”, which was widely watched even before its premiere. It tells the story of 50 years of changes and ups and downs of Chinese people’s lives from the perspective of three generations of the Zhou family.This drama of all solid actors and drama bone, good story and good actors, just started to achieve a ratings break 1 good results.The vivid performances of the actors quickly bring the audience’s emotions into the audience. Of course, some viewers feel that the actors who play the three sons and daughters of the Zhou family transition from youth to adulthood too quickly and are a bit theatrical.In addition, many audiences think that people at that time are relatively thin, the actors in the play are a little bit rich, but the flaws do not obscure the overall play is very good.Actress Song Jia plays the role of the second daughter of the Zhou family. In order to pursue love, she chooses to go to Guizhou alone. Zhou Rong is very independent at that time.However, in these episodes, Song Jia’s zhou Rong does not play much, only appearing briefly in adult life and never appearing again, which also makes the audience ask: “Where is Zhou Rong?”After the first six episodes aired, the audience also noticed that the main cast of “The World” appeared, except for song Jia, who was nothing but a glancing shot.So some netizens called out Song Jia, and Song Jia personally posted a response on her social media, saying that she would meet the audience of “The World” in the Year of the Tiger.See this honor has already made a speech, in the comments netizens are also interactive with Song Jia, New Year’s Eve broadcast “Spring Festival Gala,” “the world” will be off the air, netizens are also comments: “Zhou Rong, see you on the first day.”This drama is very popular, many people who like Song Jia are also looking forward to Song Jia’s performance in this drama. I believe that song Jia’s strength will definitely shape the role of Zhou Rong well.Song jia invited Yin Tao and Her teacher sarina, who plays her mother, to a party due to the popularity of The show, but for some reason they both turned down Song’s invitation.Yin Tao is short of time because she has to buy Spring Festival goods, so she says the party will not be held. She also jokingly suggests that Song Jia can send her a shopping cart.Satrina teacher’s reason is more down-to-earth, Satrina teacher thinks the party should be in “mother’s house”, outside the party is too expensive, and finally did not forget to tell Song Jia to be diligent and thrifty.It seems that the cast of “The World” have a very good relationship with each other, and the private interactions are quite interesting. It’s really a big loving family.Song Jia has a lot of excellent film and television works, Song Jia graduated from the opera, in 2001 in “Actually don’t want to go” official debut.After that, she was gradually known to the audience in “Adventure”, “Big Girl Should Marry”, “Cliff” and so on. Because in the cliff, she successfully shaped the role of Gu Qiuyan and got magnolia and golden eagle “sight queen”.Winning the award is a recognition of Song Jia’s acting skills. Since then, Song Jia has made many excellent works, not only in the FIELD of TV dramas, but also in films.In addition to her recent TV series The World, which aired on CCTV, song jia is rumored to be working with well-known director Feng Xiaogang on the suspense drama Echoes.Feng Xiaogang returned to film, “North Track South Yuan” achieved good ratings and word of mouth, “Echo” is the next season “fog theater” in the unit drama.Adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Xi Dong, besides Song Jia, well-known actors such as Wang Yang, Dong Jie and Zhu Yuchen will also star in the drama.This time, Song Jia plays the role of policewoman Ran Dongdong in “Echo”. Song Jia herself has a capable temperament, and the role in the original is very fit.In the New Year, I wish Song Jia all the best. All the new dramas can have a good reputation and audience rating. I also look forward to song Jia’s wonderful performance in The World.