Lizhuang Primary School of Longcheng Town: Interest clubs grow with after-class delay to promote “double reduction”

2022-08-31 0 By

In order to further implement the national double reduction policy, effectively reduce the burden for students and parents, truly reduce the burden without reducing the quality, effectively improve the quality of education and teaching, and promote the all-round development of students’ morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics and labor, Lizhuang Primary School of Longcheng Town launches colorful club activities relying on after-class delay service in the new semester.Longcheng Town Lizhuang Primary school after-school delay service to open table tennis, football, chorus, calligraphy, dance, recitation, track and field and other courses.Students can choose an interest club to participate in activities according to their own interests and specialties.The rich and colorful club activities open a happy door for students, each club activities will be the “double minus” policy fully reflected.The implementation of the “double reduction” policy and the development of after-school services not only reduce the burden of parents, but also promote the healthy and happy growth of students.In after-class service, Lizhuang Primary School of Yancheng District will constantly improve and innovate practices to escort the growth of children.The development of community activities not only enrich the school’s campus life, pay attention to the development of students’ personality, but also cultivate students’ interests and hobbies, and promote the harmonious development of students’ personality!