How to screen TCL TV?The free ad-free screen casting tutorial is here

2022-08-31 0 By

TCL TV, as an old brand TV, is very popular with consumers, but some friends said that they do not know how to cast the screen for TCL TV.This article introduces a TCL TV free without advertising screen casting method.TCL TV installation dangbei market download dangbei screen can be.The specific steps are as follows.1. Download TCL special edition of Tangbei Market baidu search For Tangbei market, enter the official website to download the installation package of TCL special edition, decompress it on the computer, and copy it to the USB flash drive.2, install when bay market usb flash drive into the TV, in find -, open the FOLDER USB flash drive, install and.Return to the main screen, open in.When prompted, restart the TV.3, install Dangbei cast screen in dangbei market search, download Dangbei cast screen.This software is free of advertising and supports Air Play, DBcast, DLNA, Huawei CAST + and other screen casting protocols.4. Screen projection TV on the mobile end Find the name of the device shown in the screen projection device option in the video software or other screen projection software on the mobile end and perform screen projection.If you have bought a TCL TV and don’t know how to cast a screen, you can try this tutorial.Not only supports video projection, but also supports mirror projection, which is very convenient. The video projection is smooth and supports double speed playback.