Faust, Lu Xun research Notes and other books were selected in the Commercial Press’s Top ten Good Books in February

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Beijing, February 9 (reporter Ying Ni) “Read good books in the First month: the Commercial Press monthly new book conference” was held online on the evening of 8.February 2022 “The Commercial Press Top 10 Good Books” officially released:Faust (the second), “from the view of language take a fancy to the category of western” “lu xun study notes” the purchasing power of money “the transformation of the west Rome” the study of Chinese rhythm grammar syllables, semantic view “the ecology, the community and the lifestyle of the geomagnetic a brief history of the change of human history plants” of our future: digital social utopia “.Faust is the peak of German literature, with high literary value, and enjoys a high reputation in the world literature history.The current academic research on Faust is limited to the first part because the second part is complicated and difficult to translate.The Commercial Press has produced Faust (Part ii) by Professor Gu Yu of The German Department of Peking University.This book is the translator studying Faust based on more than ten years, with reference to the multiple versions of the German comments up and become, is a new breakthrough in Guo Yi first on the basis of, interpretation of “one day, if all the literary disappear from the earth, one can or reconstruction of the drama” the words of the value of the Faust vivid and refined.Our Future: Utopia of a Digital Society paints a hopeful picture of the future in the digital age: machines work, workers sing;Free life, etc.It also offers a dispassionate analysis of the threat to cultural, moral and political competence posed by the stimulating and appetitive expansion of digital development at the expense of reflective judgment, and explores possible measures to create a hopeful digital age.”Read good books, find business.”The Commercial Press has also recently produced a variety of quality, readable new works.Brand new book, “the world Chinese classics series, the contemporary Chinese academic works strips the translations for the history of philosophy of the future” horizon series “the vision of anthropology translations, the translations of ancient civilization of the economist to further the art history to further the commercial press, such as classic books have a book.Ecology, Community and Way of Life is a new member of “Chinese translation masterpieces”. It analyzes the environmental problems in the contemporary world and the relationship between human and nature from the perspective of “deep ecology” philosophy, which has practical reference value.Excellent original books highlight the academic quality of business.The collection of Chen Guyuan was published in three volumes, namely, A brief history of Chinese Legal System, a History of Chinese Marriage, and a collection of Chen Guyuan’s legal Works.This collection can better reflect and present Mr. Chen Guyuan’s thought and academic context, has academic and literature value.Notes on Lu Xun research, compiled, commented and summarized by professor Qian Liqun, a famous scholar, illustrates the overall nature of Lu Xun’s thoughts and presents Lu Xun in the relationship between marriage and love, mother and son, and father and son.The author of this book is Wang Dehou, a research librarian at The Lu Xun Museum in Beijing, who is a major scholar of The Study of Lu Xun in the Mesozoic era.”Beijing Spring Festival” and “Auspicious China” were also released during the Spring Festival to add a bookish atmosphere to the Year of the Tiger.It is particularly worth mentioning that, as the “kingdom of reference books”, the Commercial Press has recently launched the “Winter Olympic Sports Nouns”.The book is an important achievement of the “Action Plan on Language Services for Beijing Winter Olympic Games” jointly launched by the Ministry of Education, the National Language Commission and the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. It mainly provides services for translators, interpreters, volunteers, athletes, referees and news media staff of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The book contains more than 3,000 core competition terms, covering all the competition events of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, covering eight languages: Chinese, French, English, Russian, German, Western, Japanese and Korean/Korean.The eight-language Olympic Language Service manual is the first of its kind in Olympic history.It is reported that since the Spring Festival of 2021, the Commercial Press has held the monthly book release conference for a whole year.The selection of excellent books from the monthly new releases, coupled with recommendations from experienced publishers, make the commercial Press’s broadcast room a favorite publishing platform for good books, providing readers with more reading choices.(after)