After the Spring Festival, people are returning to work one after another, no matter how busy work is, don’t forget your health

2022-08-31 0 By

It seems as if it was only yesterday that the rush for tickets and the anticipation of going home for the Spring Festival had ended in a blink of an eye.A number of young people set foot on the road of “migrant work”.After the holiday to work tide, also opened……This year’s Spring Festival is still tinged with a bit of epidemic anxiety, but many people are not as nervous and insecure as they were two years ago.On the one hand, all localities have taken strict precautions to minimize the possibility of large-scale spread of the epidemic.On the other hand, as many people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, the threat of the virus has been greatly reduced.Meanwhile, the research and development of specific drugs related to COVID-19 is also speeding up…Everything is changing for the better.Overall, although some cities are still affected by the epidemic, the impact is less than two years ago, and most people are able to return to work this year.After reuniting with their families and looking forward to the future, many returned to work more motivated.Many migrant workers have already set their goals for the New Year and are working tirelessly to create a better life for their families.The New Year is also a new beginning.No matter for life, work or family, everyone has a better expectation.However, we strive hard at the same time, but also to learn to prevent risks in life, after all, an accident or serious illness, a family hard years of accumulated wealth, may instantly into bubbles.Transfer all sorts of risks through insurance, give family greater sense of security, just be wise.Family members, especially the family pillar, must take into account the following types of security needs: first, the need for sickness protection.Can solve through serious disease danger, medical treatment danger: reach contract agreement standard, serious disease danger compensates directly brushstroke money, and medical treatment danger can submit an expense account relevant medical treatment cost, both union, see a doctor worry free.The second is the demand for accident protection.Can buy accident insurance to solve, have accident death safeguard, a lot of products still provided accident disable and accident medical treatment safeguard.Third, the risk of death.It can be solved directly through term life insurance.Finally, there are future pension needs.Pension needs can be solved by planning annuity insurance and increased whole life insurance in advance to provide future determined cash flow.Overall, we need to plan for the long term and not forget the health and accident foundation to give maximum certainty for the future.The first day after I start work the second day after work, after all still did not resist…….Therefore, my friends, health is the capital of revolution. If you want to earn more money, you must first have a good health.