Zhu Jun’s lover Tan Mei, snow show dance, a pair of hate sky high show dancing skills

2022-08-30 0 By

Zhu’s wife, Tan Mei, posted a video of her wearing a red suit and performing a Xinjiang dance in the snow on Jan 24, which sparked heated discussion online.Instead of a thick down jacket, Tan wore a thin suit and a black turtleneck sweater.Wearing a pair of black stilettos, Tan Mei dances in the snow, her every move is stable, without any weight, as if dancing on flat ground.It’s hard to believe tan Mei is 51 years old when she looks like a dancer in her thirties.Tan Mei is a professional dancer. Although she is already in her fifties, her acting skills are no less impressive, and her body still retains the appearance of her youth, as if it has not been eroded by time.Tan mei is very confident about her body, and she often dresses up beautifully, like an elegant cheongsam or a close-fitting dance dress.Tan also received some criticism, saying that her clothes were unacceptable for her age.Tan, however, is unfazed by such comments. She still wears bright clothes and advises netizens on how to lose weight and maintain a good figure.Tan Mei, an excellent dancer, was in the same chorus as Zhu Jun.After her son was born, Tan gave up almost all her work to focus on taking care of her son.Only when her son was growing up did Tan resume her career and open a dance school.It is possible for a person to go through life without finding a job that he or she likes, and very few people can do that.Tan Mei can always love and fight for this spirit, should not be made fun of.I hope Tan Mei can continue to work hard and bring us better dance.